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Riverside Odds

Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Philadelphia, PA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Punk





Like a Black Flag concert in 1984 providing nothing but volatile energy and in-your-face vocals, The Riverside Odds shook up the night like no other. - Jenny Talbot

"Setting the bar incredibly high"

Before Saturday nights show, the band issued a joking “Warning” at their website fed from their Facebook page, but seriously, the fans were gonna get some serious music here. Anyways, the words read.. Tonight at Connie’s Ric Rac, you’re gonna get to see something that doesn’t happen often. We’re going on first… If we’re setting the bar for the night, you know it’s going to be a wild fucking ride. You best get your asses to the city. The bar they set was incredibly high, and here are my thoughts why. I’m still in awe of the Riverside Odds set. Mark my words here.. they did something that is a new standard high in my eyes. The band was tight, high energy, bringing an explosive stage presence, and an entertaining, excellent, 14 non-stop original speed punk rock n roll songs in a gun-barrel barrage performance set in 35 minutes! Incredible! - Nick Rapidfire


Riverside Odds killed it, they absolutely killed it with a nonstop barrage of fast aggressive punk tinged rock and roll that would have made Lemmy Kilmister jump to his feet and yell for more. Riverside Odds do Rock & Roll fast and hard with lots of back up whoa oh’s and fist pumping singalongs about drinking, and brawling in their great hometown of Philadelphia. I can’t wait to see these guys again and if you get the chance I say don’t miss it. - Kelly McPuxsy

"Riverside Odds Brings Anger And Speed Punk With Their Latest Release,“Get Into It”, Drops 6/17/19 Via Altercation Records"

So there you are at work having a shitty day. The clock is slowly ticking eating your soul away. That tie is your hangman’s noose. Yet you’re surfing the web, because the fuck the man. You run across this here, bad ass album review for Riverside Odds – “Get Into It”. Your eyes and ears perk up. That was my exact reaction upon checking out, “Get Into It”. Let’s face it work blows, when it’s not your passion.

So let’s check out this album. The album kicks off with my personal favorite, “Above The Dirt”. The chord strikes on the intro kick ass. This song should be every punk’s anthem. This song is about staying strong and taking shit from no one.

“I’m indestructible you’ll find,
You’ll never get inside my mind,
Retaliate with all my might,
No chance in hell you’ll win this fight”

“Savage” comes roaring up next. Now I’m not sure if this is a tribute to Randy “Macho Man” Savage, but it seriously kicks ass! The drumming on this song is killer!

The next track up is my second favorite song, “I Don’t Care”. Sometimes you just stop caring about someone or something, because it’s just too shitty to deal with. Well this tune is for you. This song really reminds me of some of Motorhead’s best songs. Hellborn’s vocals are killer. The guitar solo near the end is epic and remarkable. This song will be stuck in your head for days on end.

“Tonight”, is about grabbing your crew and hitting the town. The one is pure speed punk all the way. It brings that nostalgic feeling of watching old skate videos with a Black Flag soundtrack backing. “G.O.A.T”, follows with some amazing drum work. Here’s another that’s catchy, but not generic. The anger is RW’s voice is deep.

“Kill The Machines”, is my third favorite song on the record. Get your pogo and head to the pit. Fans of Strung Out will love this song. Their message is sad, but true. We live in the “Golden Age Of Technology”, yet people are starving in the streets. Hackers if you’re out there do the world some good and clear our debt. Let’s move back to a production country instead of a mass consumerism country.

“She’s Bad”, is up next and yet another banger of a song. Here’s another catchy tune to grind your board to. I mentioned anger in my headline. Here’s that anger part right here, with “Animal”. The bass and guitar hooks leave you ready to smash that pit up.

“PBR ME”, is next and fucking hilarious. PBR is like the generic brand cornflakes your mom used to buy. Yeah, it’s not the best taste in the world, but it’s cheap as hell. The song kick ass.

Sadly we are nearing the end of this album and review with another ripper, “Dominos”. The chorus is catchy and truth be told this song is a bit sad. I think the band’s pint though it to live life to the fullest. Also, it may be to help your fellow friends and families through tough times. Personally I’m tired of losing my friends and friends of the community to suicide. I don’t blame them. I blamed our fucked up mental health system.

Riverside Odds new album, “Get Into it” is one word fantastic. The mix of different styles from hardcore to melodic to old school classic. Will keep me coming back to listen to this one on repeat. If you’re pissed off at the world, “Get Into It” must be played to get that anger out. I’m surprised I’ve never heard them before until now. Time to download their entire discog! - Ska Bones


2015: “Let the Mayhem Begin”
2017: “Split” (w/ PigPen & The Sawed-Offs)
2019: “Get Into It”



Riverside Odds deliver Speed-Punk Rock-N-Roll like a freight train fueled off cigarettes, cheap beer and scotch whiskey.

RIverside Odds was formed in January 2013 outside of Philadelphia, PA by vocalist RW Hellborn, original bassist Timo, and Guitarist Matty Cobra, (having been in a total of 11 bands between them throughout the years). Darren Wallbridge was added shortly after on drums to finalize the early lineup. In 2014 Dan Beswick, formerly from the band Balista, was added as lead guitarist.

In August of 2015 Riverside Odds independently released their debut album 'Let the Mayhem Begin' and continued building their following in the surrounding region.

June of 2016 they embarked on their first tour across the United States as support for Germany's V8 Wankers, and in 2017 completed their second tour, this time down the east coast. In late 2018 Riverside Odds signed with Altercation Records, and continued work on their second album.

'Get Into It' was recorded in January of 2019, produced by Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), and released on June 7th, 2019. In March of 2019, Riverside Odds completed their third tour, this time heading to Texas. In June of 2019, Patrick Polí took over bass duties and in August of 2019, Dave Quake joined the band as their new drummer.

Influenced by bands such as Motörhead, The Dwarves, Supersuckers, Black Flag, Zeke, Ramones, The Dead Boys & Danko Jones; Riverside Odds have established themselves as a band dedicated to dishing out high-energy and high-volume punk-influenced rock-n-roll and have supported numerous international touring bands, including Powerman 5000, Agent Orange, Michael Graves, Supersuckers, Murphy's Law, Goddamn Gallows, Peter Pan Speedrock, Gang Green, The Generators, and Speedealer.

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