Austin, Texas, USA


Riversyde...is an alternative rock band based out of Austin, Texas. The three member band is made up of lead singer Shane Blake, drummer Mark Griffor, and lead guitarist Paul Devassy. Like music the members come from everywhere. They are diverse and different, but love for music is their common ground. Lead singer Blake draws on personal memories and creative thoughts to write the lyrics for all of RIVERSYDE’s songs. The band then collectively composes the rhythms, melodies, beats, and bass lines heard in each piece. With a sound as dynamic as the Austin skyline, RIVERSYDE’s musicality is reminiscent of Matchbox Twenty, Pearl Jam, Creed, Fuel, Chris Daughtry, and Live.

Shane Blake is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for RIVERSYDE. Although he had been playing guitar and writing lyrics for half a decade as a hobby, the singer/songwriter discovered his calling to play music as a profession while attending Texas State University. Unmotivated by the prospect of a nine-to-five, Blake put the books aside and began playing open mic nights in the dimly lit bars and coffee shops around San Marcos. After a few months of solo performances, the Austinite realized he would need the company of a band if he wanted to reach a larger audience.

Not long after Blake posted “musician wanted” ads online, drummer Mark Griffor responded with interest. It only took one audition for the California native to prove his talent to Blake. Mark developed his aptitude for the drums through 14 years of experience and previous involvement in grunge and metal bands in his home city of Sacramento. The duo cultivated a friendship founded on their love for music, and Blake handed over his years of songwriting work to Mark to begin composing beats.

A few weeks after Mark responded to the online ads, Blake received a response from an accomplished lead guitarist, Paul Devassy. The Indiana native demonstrated to Blake and Mark not only his undeniable skill on the guitar, but also his talent on the piano and bass guitar. Paul was a shoo-in to the quickly developing band. Previous experiences in numerous rock bands gave him a wealth of information on how best to organize and guide a band to success. An engineer by profession and Purdue graduate, Paul’s love for music is obvious when counting the late hours he puts in after work to ensure RIVERSYDE’s prosperity.

Supported by a grassroots movement of friends and family, RIVERSYDE is quickly gaining respect in the Austin area. Cage the Elephant’s song In One Ear describes RIVERSYDE’s attitude toward music well when it says, “here's the moral to the story, we don't do it for the glory / we don't do it for the money, we don't do it for the things.” RIVERSYDE’s purpose as a band is to share their love of music and passion for life with the world, one city at a time.


Knocking On My Door

Written By: Riversyde

Knocking On My Door
By: Riversyde

Twisted truths and broken promises, leave me stronger though I paid my homage's
This monster that I'm feeding, keeps me wanting and needing
It's a mystery that I have some heart left
And you weren't help at all, you stood by and watch me fall
And it's time for the people,to come asking you, just where I have been here

I knocked so loudly at your door, we fell laughing on your floor
The books of letters we would send, I missed your smiley faces
How will you remember me

Between hatred and broken friendships, Is where you will find me
Picking up the pieces
I'm sifting through the lies of what we have left
I am searching for the answers so when
People ask me, just where you've been...well I tell them

If our paths ever cross again
I hope you will smile at me like a friend, and go back for a moment to when...

And no one is knocking at my door and I don't laugh as much anymore
And though my letters have been torn, I find it it's not hard to recall
Remember me
Remember me yea
Twisted truths and broken promises, leave me stronger though I paid my homage's

Begging Eyes

Written By: Riversyde

Blurry days as the seasons change, all I know is I feel the same
I was too far behind to slow you down,
Love left in an open park, embers died from a spark
From the cigarette you threw when you walked away

Now you got me singing oh oh whoa oh oh
With begging eyes
Don't leave me bent , don't leave me broken
Don't go oh oh whoa oh
Cause you will find
That this love hasn't left us behind

I've healed the wound but it's a permanent scar, in pieces on a shattered floor
I blend in with the others just the same
Hear stories about a girl I knew, who left to find herself but had no clue
That makes me wonder if you ever heard my name

January came and left without a trace
Find it so hard now to remember the freckles on your face
I need you around what's so wrong about
Me and you , going on without you

Singing oh oh whoa oh dry my eyes
No longer bent no longer broken
So go whoa oh oh
Cause you will find that our love hasn't left you behind
So oh oh whoa oh oh
Dry my eyes
No longer bent I'm no longer broken
Don't go oh whoa oh oh
Cause you will find that this love hasn't left us behind


Riversyde EP 2011

Set List

What's Love About
See Us Now
Begging Eyes
Knock On My Door
Days Go By
Wish You Were Here
Pillow Talk
Times Like These
Amy Rae
Just Say So
Nothing At All