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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Cerebral Transmissions"

Synaesthetes across Canada will be happy to know River Tiber. Melodic, textured, and evocative, River Tiber’s first full-length album Synapses is something worth downloading. This four-piece group (Tommy Paxton-Beesley, John Mavro, Thadeus Garwood, and David Lewis) produces a layered sound reminiscent of bands such as Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Flying Lotus, and Radiohead. Synaesthete or not, Synapses will make you taste colour and hear shapes.

River Tiber was born from a solo project by Paxton-Beesley, a former McGill undergraduate who now attends Berklee College of Music. Paxton-Beesley composed and recorded the entire album himself, and then assembled the band to play in live settings. As they started picking up steam, the group evolved into the collective and collaborative project that is now River Tiber. Synapses is the strength and clarity of Tom’s vision and our collective enthusiasm to see it through. “It’s an exciting album; exciting to play and even more exciting to play with good friends,” says Lewis, River Tiber’s bassist.

Paxton-Beesley sings from the soul. He smears together his soft vocals with layers of dissonant guitar and off-kilter beats. “Every level has a different character, from the rhythmic foundation, to the keyboard and guitar textures, to the vocals on top; every part adds to the conversation. To me it’s like a big collage of colors and shapes,” he says. Tracks such as “Prophets” and “Reverie” feature delightfully tender vocal harmonies and chorus-rich guitars accompanied by interludes of convulsive crescendos and rock rhythms.

Synapses was released on January 1, after which the album received considerable attention from social media forums both in Canada and abroad. On January 3, River Tiber performed live to a packed crowd at the Drake Underground at Toronto’s celebrated Drake Hotel.

With many fresh bands such as River Tiber penetrating the local music scene today, it would be naïve not to address the paradigm shift within current music distribution. “Free music is the norm, and it’s actually a good thing,” argues Lewis. “Albums no longer have price tags, therefore the competition and comparison among artists is now based [on] the assessment of something much more substantial than monetary value.” By making Synapses available for free online, River Tiber has been able to reach a much wider audience. “The music scene is such a different place today than it was even 15 years ago. Obviously labels are still a valuable means of distributing a band’s material,” explains guitarist Mavro, “but thanks to technology, big labels aren’t as crucial to a band’s success as they once were.”

Paxton-Beesley succeeded in knitting together elements from a variety of genres, including jazz, electronic, and rock, to create a fresh and tantalizing sound. “Synapses are the connections between neurons. Neurologists believe that the root of intelligence isn’t contained in the neurons themselves, but in the connections between them – their plasticity, their substance,” he says, regarding the album’s title. “I thought that was a pretty awesome metaphor. Meaning created in the space between words, life in transitory bodies, infinity between two mirrors.”

Synapses is available as a free download at rivertiber.com. - McGill Daily

"Video: River Tiber – What Are You Afraid Of"

We don’t know much about River Tiber but he is new, from Toronto and has an intriguing sound. Above is a music video that was tweeted to us and let’s just say we’re looking forward to more from River Tiber. - See more at: http://hustlegrl.com/blog/2012/09/video-river-tiber-what-are-you-afraid-of/#sthash.7ko4NUXv.dpuf - HustleGRL

"River Tiber, Synapses"

I’ve been waiting for River Tiber’s sophomore album to drop once I found out it was coming this past summer. Once again, singer/producer/musical whiz Tommy Paxton-Beesley has made it available for free download as he has done with his other releases. While it’s easily recognizable as River Tiber with its unique blend of pop/rock and clear influences from jazz and classical like on the debut From Now On, this time Synapses explores additions of much more electronic experimentation as well as tribal rhythms that sound like they could be African or South American. Radiohead meets Led Zeppelin meets Peter Gabriel meets Jeff Buckley meets Philip Glass meets M83 meets BT in more dreamy landscapes that are clearly soundtracks to something visual that we can’t yet see.

We’ve already been introduced to “What Are You Afraid Of” in advance of the album, a song that takes a little time to brew but is certainly a grower. The other standout songs within are “Reverie”, with vocal bursts that Robert Plant would appreciate; “The Ancients”, with a repetitive guitar refrain that sticks like glue underneath the other elements in the song; “The Star Falls”, whose snappy electronic rhythm ticks away under a soaring vocal backdrop; and “Prophets” which draws from as much early 70's progressive rock as it might from songs in Buckley’s Grace album. My new favourite might be “The City”, with an almost too-slight, sometimes gradually disembodied, but compelling and haunting vocal set to a slow steady beat. As forlorn and isolated as the music may sound, the lyrics seem to be about resolution and moving on to something better.

Synapses doesn’t hesitate to mess with sounds, incorporating dialogue and other samples as a part of its inherent musicality. Sometimes the notes sound deliberately off-key or too sharp or too flat, but they don’t make the music any less melodic. It takes a lot of talent to pull this off successfully.

Tommy and River Tiber have created an album that will endure throughout 2013 and beyond. Synapses begs for mini-movies; Tommy has already created and directed the videos you’ll find on River Tiber’s You Tube page, so there will be more on the way. Tell your friends about River Tiber and Synapses. River Tiber plays an album release party on Thursday January 3 at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. - Bill CS Music Blog

"Video: River Tiber – “What Are You Afraid Of”"

River Tiber continues to released stunning visuals in video form, this time for “What Are You Afraid Of”. Enjoy!

Directed by Tommy Paxton-Beesley
- 1LoveTO

"Hot Ticket"

It's a great week for local acts playing in Toronto. River Tiber is the project of 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Tommy Paxton-Beesley. On Thursday, he'll be celebrating the release of his new album Synapse at the Drake, along with support from James & Blackburn and Kwikfiks. If you're a fan of dark, experimental electronic music, you may want to check this one out. - Blog TO

"Diving permitted into River Tiber’s latest album"

Early in January, Toronto based rock band River Tiber released their second album Synapses, plunging them into the city’s electro-indie consciousness. Synapses evokes a dark and ambient atmosphere which lends many of the songs to a good “post-party” playlist.

Originally a solo project by singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Thomas Paxton-Beesley (vocals, guitar), River Tiber recently evolved into a more collaborative effort with the addition of John Mavrogiannis (guitar), Thadeus Garwood (drums) and David Lewis (bass).

Immediately apparent, even on the first listen of the album, is the quality of instrumentation and more precisely, the successful blend of digital and analog elements throughout Synapses. The textural elements provided by the guitar, drums and bass and the use of the analog synthesizer give the songs depth, while the lingering airy vocals add an almost ethereal quality to every song.

The opening track, “Reverie” is a gritty introduction to the atmospheric electronic and indie rock influences that shape this album. The strategically ordered tracklist allows for smooth listening beginning to end. Songs “Paper Wings,” “Subtract” and “The City” act as breaths of air that keep the album from being too heavy.

Overall, the band’s second album has solidified River Tiber as a name to watch out for in 2013.

Synapses is available for free on www.rivertiber.com. You can also catch them live at the Horseshoe Tavern on February 28. - University of Toronto - The Newspaper

"StandardTapes 25: River Tiber"

Tell us a about River Tiber.

We're four best friends who all grew up together. I started River Tiber a couple years ago, growing it out of my solo project. I do all the recording, producing, and performing of the instruments and vocals in my basement. Synapses, which is coming out on January 1, 2013, is pretty much the culmination of that side of the band, but I don’t think of it as a solo project. It comes alive on stage. I think some of the most interesting stuff comes out of collaboration and the creative space between musicians. We’re still figuring out how to function as a band, but it’s super exciting.

Where and how was this mix recorded?

In Toronto, of course — using Logic Pro and a whole lotta love.

What was the idea behind the mix?

It's a bunch of stuff that has inspired me lately. To be honest, it’s kind of a mess of different sounds — I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music, but stuff that feels organic, if that makes sense. The mix feels like a journey.

The first track is a remix by my boy, Kwikfiks, who is an encyclopedia of electronic music and has honestly got me onto so much new stuff in the past year.

In your own words, can you describe the sound of River Tiber?

It’s always evolving, but Synapses feels like a real statement. It’s hard to be objective about what's on the record, because it feels like home. The album is the product of so many of my favorite artists and music: from the bottom layer of Brazilian rhythms and 808s, to the guitar textures and analog synths in the middle, to the vocals floating on top. It tows the line between organic and artificial, between stability and disorientation: it’s definitely ambivalent.

Live is another vibe — as it should be. I think everyone in the band really brings something new to the recorded songs. Every performance feels fresh.

Where can the Standard's readers see you perform next?

The Synapses release party is on at the Drake Hotel on January 3, 2013. Y'all should come and say hi!

Anything to add?

Keep on rockin in the free world! - Toronto Standard

"Toronto Concert picks for Jan. 3."

Tommy Paxton-Beesley’s solo project is hard to pigeonhole, but the guy’s got undeniably serious talent — check out the recent self-produced video linked below — and on stage with bandmates John Mavro on guitar, Thadeus Garwood (drums) and David Lewis (bass) his noir electronic leanings gain some muscle and really move the air. Drake Underground, 9:30 p.m. - Toronto Star

"Record Review: Tommy Paxton-Beesley"

“A romantic, haunting, breathtaking spirit”

From now on, the world outside of Canada will be thankful to know Tommy Paxton-Beesley and his music. His solo effort, From Now On is a self-portrait of a free spirit. Through this collection of ten songs, Beesley pours out his soul, wearing his most intimate emotions and thoughts on his sleeve. On an album emblazoned with beautifully rich vocal tones, heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, complete with dazzling instrumental colors, Beesley does it all.
The music is crafted with great love and tender care in the studio, deep in the chaos of Ontario city life, aided by his friend and colleague, Dan Beeson. “Symmetry” features layers of delightfully appealing vocal harmonies, interlaced with gorgeous, chorus-rich guitars.

The title track feels like a ghostly spirit beaming through the night, a sort of Radiohead-esque sound, a secret unveiled from The Bends era. “All Hearts” is the highlight, and a gem offered as a free track on his website. Romantic and charming while never overpowering, this sweetly crafted tune features heartfelt guitars and a splash of intriguing percussion.

When will this artist be signed? He deserves it. Don’t miss out on Tommy Paxton-Beesley, a closely guarded secret and a major talent who will surely make his mark in 2011. (Self-released)
- Performer Magazine

"Tommy Paxton-Beesley’s Wild Musical Ride"

Hands down, one of the most interesting albums to ever grace the Groove’s table in eons; Tommy Paxton Beesley’s debut self-titled album covers the aural spectrum of emotional intensities with searing highs and seductive lows. Upon listening to this album for the last couple months, I found traces of Muse, Radiohead, and even As Tall As Lions’ stylistic influence, in this Canadian Berklee student’s album. Even in all my verbosity, I still cannot find the correct words to describe how great this album sounds. Its production is top notch, Tommy’s vocals are intense as well captivating, and the writing is solid with not one single dull moment to awaken the critically cynical musicologist in me. This album is definitely worth listening to, if not living by. You should make these songs apart of your playlist and soon because the world should know that not every singer-songwriter out there is pigeon-held in that Bob Dylan kind of sound, and artists like Tommy are out there breaking boundaries and setting the bar for excellence in our humble musical community. - Berklee Groove

"Introducing River Tiber"

This is River Tiber. He’s 21, a singer/songwriter from Toronto and makes good music if you ask me! He recently released his music video for his single “Someday” from his first album From Now On. - HustleGRL

"Video: River-Tiber - "Someday""

You’ve probably never heard of Toronto singer/song writer River Tiber aka Tommy Paxton Beesley, but that’s why we’re here! We’re excited to share his first music video for the single “Someday”, off his album “From Now On”. We think this kid has a lot of talent, but we’d love to know what you think? - 1LoveTO


Synapses (January 2013, CBC & college radio airplay)

What Are You Afraid Of (video + CBC airplay)
The Star Falls (video + CBC airplay)
The Ancients (CBC airplay)
Atlantis (CBC airplay)



River Tiber (pronounced "River Tye-ber") was started by 22-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tommy Paxton-Beesley in 2010. Painstakingly multitracking all the instruments, vocals, samples and sounds on his recordings, River Tiber has emerged as an original voice in Toronto’s music scene, with a dark, gritty electronic sound that continues to evolve.

LP "Synapses" (released 1/1/13) - a collection of dark, evocative compositions marking River Tiber’s first full-length effort – is unique. Masterfully reimagining traditional song structure with spacious arrangements of emotive electronics, driving rhythms, and soaring vocals, multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley showcases sustainable talent and a wild sense of creativity for an artist his age.

Joined onstage by fellow musicians John Mavrogiannis, Thadeus Garwood, and David Lewis, River Tiber comes alive as an energetic, powerful, inventive musical performance.