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Grand Junction, Colorado, United States

Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
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The Grand Valley's most promising act is Riveter. As the girls tighten up, it should be fun to watch.

Jan. 5, 2005 - Grand Junction Free Press, James Williams

Saturday night, I caught Riveter’s last local gig before they hit the not-so-mean streets of San Francisco. I hope the rockers there have a better appreciation of independent music than GJ does.

Yeah, the band was at Mesa Theater Saturday night and the crowd was way sparse. The ones smart enough to show up were treated to a very personal, warm and interactive experience. To give you an idea of how small the crowd was, Sally only got one marriage proposal. That’s a record.

I don’t know, maybe GJites just don’t know much about Riveter. Maybe what they do know are some misconceptions. OK, so I’m going to do what I can (with what I know) to reveal the best-kept secrets and soft white underbellies of The Women Who Are Riveter.

First off, this “All Girl Band” thing isn’t a gimmick. These women are serious about their music and serious about giving the audience a great show. They are musicians first and chicks second. They’re into writing their own tunes and the songs they cover aren’t exactly 3-chord karaoke numbers.

Looking at the lineup, we have:

Bridget (Drums): Wow. This woman is an absolutely manic drummer. I don’t know where she learned or how long she’s been playing, but she rocks a kit like no one I’ve seen. Standing, singing, backup vocals or falling stands - nothing can make her miss a beat. She may be the most musically proficient member of Riveter - but the others are catching up quick. Outstanding beat and vocals.

Robin (Guitar): Every time I see her play, she has something new … whether it’s brain-bending chords or neck slides or a hot fresh flourish, her playing always makes me smile - in that wicked bad way when you know something’s too hot. Bands with only one guitarist often feel a little thin in the middle - it’s hard to describe - maybe just a muddier sound than a band that can rip loose with a lead riff while the other guitar holds the center. Somehow Robin does it all - she keeps the song filled out and still delivers a pure wail just when one’s needed. Mystifying.

Laurena (Bass): Don’t let the lovely heart-shaped bass fool you - Laurena puts out a bass line that make your chest hum for days. I love the way she plays … sometimes watching her feels voyeuristic, like we’re catching her in a trance, doing something she really loves and she’s holding nothing back. She’s great at keeping the rhythm steady, but can step forward with a bass lead that’s irresistible and intense. Deep, deep bass and fast fingers - it’s insanity, Laurena! Insanity!

Sally (Vocals, Keyboards): This woman I once compared to a Hallmark ornament gets on stage and I swear she’s channeling Janis Joplin channeling Clash. Each new show roughens her up the right way - and hey, “Ring of Fire” - what more can I say? I love vocalists who reach down for that extra something and Sally does this consistently. She can be barely able to talk during the day and still get on stage and sing like a tour-seasoned pro. This is one chick who’s not afraid to take the challenge of vocally difficult songs. Looks can be so very, very deceiving. And no, she’s not there for the proposals.

OK, now. Let’s get real. There’s always at least one bitchy point in a review - although this really isn’t a review - it’s more like motherly advice to you music lovers who are unwisely letting this band pass you by.

Sometimes on the “softer” songs, Sally’s voice is overcome by the music and it’s hard to hear the lyrics. The soundperson could pull her out more … but I noticed this problem with the other mics when Robin or Bridget were singing, too. This is a point I’ll harp on, especially when it comes to their original stuff. I know there are people who are just into the sound, that’s all, but I’m a listener who likes the whole package. I can bang my head on the side of the stage and somehow still comprehend English - so give me more vocal volume!

I could babble about this band all night, but you won’t get it if you don’t hear it. With the debut CD coming out soon (all 9 tracks are original songs - sweet!) hopefully they’ll get some airtime and you won’t have to leave the house after dark to experience them. I mean really … what more do they have to do?

P.S. Laurena and Robin - the interactions are so right! I love that onstage face-to-face jamming. Riveter Rocks!

May 23, 2005 - The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Beverly Durfee

Riveter to go! What a concept … I can now listen to my favorite women at any moment at any hour of any day. This is genius. “Whatever” is a portable little package that’s Riveter’s first full-fledged CD and god is it hot!

(OK, short break to put a Band-aid over my exclamation key. I am a journalist, I am a journalist, I am a journalist …)

I’m not going to pretend I didn’t love every one of these songs, but I’m willing to admit that you may not. Maybe by some insane anomaly you may not have even heard Riveter. So, as impartial as I can be, Riveter is intelligent pop-punk-rock-alt music (I’m only allowed to hyphenate four adjectives at a time) that will whip your hair back and blow your Botox loose.

The band can go from pulse-pounding to heartbreaking at the nudge of a playlist. The intensity of the in-your-face “Enough” is more than soothed away by the soft touches of “Something That You’re Not” and “Cold Spell.” “Whatever” plays softer than Riveter’s live sets. Perhaps their combined creativity is more contemplative than the songs they choose to cover.

Naturally, as I’m writing all this smarty-pants music review stuff, the song “Ham Pants” comes on. This song is both as frightening and funny as the name implies. Listen to it once and the saddest, sickest thing is that you will never be able to stop singing it. The city just passed an ordinance ruling that the band can’t end a gig with “Ham Pants.” I guess the CD got in just under the wire … or did it?

Listening to the CD did make me long for the hyper-energetic edge created by the synergy of the band and the audience during their live shows. The connection is almost visible. If Riveter and their producer(s) could capture that edginess in the studio, we could all just die and go to heaven. I guess I’m just trying to say, don’t overproduce. There’s a raw energy that the poor souls who can’t get to a live show need to hear.

So, that’s my take. Thanks for everything - thanks for “Whatever.” Any random Riveter can now please leave a comment telling us how to pick up your CDs and must-have merchandise.

July 25, 2005 - The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Beverly Durfee

March 9, 2007
Samantha Stiles
The Daily Sentinel

When hundreds of bands descend upon Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest music, film and interactive festival, local rock band Riveter will be one of them.
The women were selected to perform in a live music showcase in Austin on March 17 called “Invasion of the GoGirls.” GoGirlsMusic.com does promotional work for indie women in music. The showcase runs for four days during SXSW and features 80 performers.
“We are a diverse community that supports all music genres so we always look to have a diverse lineup,” said Madalyn Sklar, GoGirlsMusic.com founder. “We don’t get too many all girl rock bands into the mix, so I was excited when Riveter submitted to our event.”
The band members have also been endorsed as offical Daisy Rock Guitars artists. Daisy Rock bills itself as “The Girl Guitar Company.”
“This is huge for us,” said Laurena Davis, bass player for Riveter and marketer for Community Hospital.
Saturday, March 10, at Quincy Bar, the all-girl band is playing a send-off show to raise funds for its trip to Austin. There is no cover charge, but the band will collect tips.
The girls will wear their bedazzled Rosie the Riveter-inspired jumpsuits in upcoming shows.
New Grand Junction female-fronted bar rock band the Dailies will open for Riveter at 9 p.m.
Currently, Riveter is working on recording its second album, due out summer 2007, and will play new songs at the show Saturday night.
“We just had this big blossoming of new music,” said guitar player Robin Dearing, assistant to the Sentinel publisher. “We feel like it’s really good.”
Riveter band members said they’ve worked hard to get to this point. Especially since founding members had little rock experience before they picked up their guitars.
“You’re always surprised when people say, 'Yeah, I know your music,’ ” said drummer Bridgett Gutierrez, who is an independent living coordinator for Mesa County.
For now, the girls are practicing hard to make their performance tight for their show in Austin.
“We’re just in a really good place,” said Kelley Raymond, lead vocalist and employment agent. “Look at us now, we’re going to SXSW.”
“I think we’ll look back on this some day and we’ll say, 'That was an important time for us,’ ” Davis said.
Samantha Stiles can be reached via e-mail at sstiles@gjds.com.
- The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colo.


5th Anniversary 5-song EP, May 2009 featuring "Fast Track"
"Snatch" October 2008, 5-song EP
"Creepy Girl" November 2007, 4-song EP
"Awake all night" March 2007, 4-song EP
"Whatever" July 2005, 10-song CD



People come to see Riveter because they're girls - they stay because they rock. Again and again after shows, they hear music fans exclaim their surprise that Riveter is one hard-hitting rock band.

"Riveter played SXSW? I'm not surprised. You guys kick ass," said one breathless and sweaty Riveter fan.

"If Riveter isn't playing again next year, then we're not coming back," stated one mustachioed bike-club member to the organizer of Fruita Fat Tire Festival at the 2007 festival.

Their fans love 'em. To date they have one dog and one person named after their kitschy original song, “Ham Pants.”

In April 2009, Riveter had the distinct pleasure of opening for Bret Michaels and the Bret Michaels Band on their Rock of Love Bus Tour - an experience they won't soon forget.

In 2007 Riveter played SXSW and earned an endorsement deal with Daisy Rock guitars. In March 2008, the girls headed back to Austin again for a featured spot in the Invasion of the GoGirls showcase during SXSW.

Originally formed in 2004, Riveter has matured into one of the few true rock 'n' roll bands on the Western Slope in Colorado.

A Riveter show promises to be high-energy and chock-full o' fun. They like to say, "You never know what is going to happen at a Riveter show!"

They play a seamless blend of originals and "Riveterized" covers that range from the Runaways to Johnny Cash. Each band member brings something to the table when writing songs, making it a truly collaborative process.

Riveter has played all over the Western Slope: Spotlight Lounge, Mesa Theater, Quincy Bar, etc. in Grand Junction; the Turn of the Century in Montrose; Larimer Lounge, the Toad Tavern and Cricket on the Hill in Denver and even played Kimo's and Lennon Studios in San Francisco. Riveter also hit the Austin music scene playing the Invasion of the GoGirls - SXSW showcase two years in a row.

You can be sure that Riveter is no novelty act, but a trio of powerful women who know how to rock.