Drawing from folk, rock and Americana, Riviera creates a new sound with broken organs and feedback to support the narratives from America's past. Named as One of Chicago's Best Unsigned Bands by the Chicago Tribune, 2003.


Riviera was founded in the thriving Chicago music scene in 2001. The band has opened for Wilco, Son Volt, the Jayhawks, the Radar Bros., Califone, Hem, and many more.

Through personnel changes and musical shifts, the band has created a sound that is grounded in American folk and rock with electronic overtones and feedback.

Singer/Songwriter Derek Phillips formed the band in an attempt to bring together the elements of American music that had grabbed his mind over the years. His lyrics paint colors rather than shapes in your mind and leave you with feelings that creep up on you days later.

Bassist/Guitarist Matt Usner has been with the band since the beginning and brings folk sensibilities and quiet anchoring. His bass playing introduces new melodies to the songs and creates an undercurrent of tension where things just seem to get comfortable.

Mick Radichel also writes songs with a decidedly southern flair, though he hails from Milwaukee. A wide variety of playing styles from Keith Richards to Smokey Hormel to Jim O'Rourke provide the bones to the songs.

Drummer Joshua Rogers lends the foundation with solid rhythm and unexpected flair. Whether it's a straight backbeat or a flurry of sound, the band can always come back to the center relying on Rogers' direction.

Newest member Josh Boisvert comes to the band with his own repertoire of solo material that is reminiscent of the lonesome troubadour. His piano and organ playing and harmonizing vocals round out the sound that the band has been developing for three years.


Revolution Blues/The Weathermen single - Glorious Noise Records, January 2006

At the End of the American Century... - Debut album out on Glorious Noise Records, April 2005. Selections available on our website.

Broken Hearted Dreams - Five-song E.P. Songs from this E.P. have been featured on a number of compilations, including the Chicago Hard Rock Hotel City Sampler (given to 5,000 guests and VIPs at the hotel's opening); WLUW's "Live in the Studio" CD; Chicago Tribune/Metromix "Chicago's Best Unsigned Bands" compilation; etc.

Riviera gets frequent radio airplay in Chicago and throughout the Midwest as well as countless Internet readio stations from around the world.

Set List

Our setlists vary from show to show. We play to so many different crowds in different settings that we compile our set to appeal to the situation. We mainly play our own material pulled from our two EPs and upcoming album, but we do like to throw in covers that fit our style and that we can put our own stamp on. Those include songs by Neil Young (Revolution Blues, Birds, Down By the River), the Velvet Underground (Oh, Sweet Nuthin'), the Stones (Stray Cat Blues, Dead Flowers), Teenage Fanclub (The Concept), and live favorites a Stonesy "Debra" by Beck and an acoustic rendition of the Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait."