Rixy Fisk

Rixy Fisk

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Rixy Fisk is a 4-girl pop alternative band formed by the lead singer (Shelby) and lead guitarist (Shae) of the Disney female rock band, KSM, who had multiple music videos on Disney Channel & ABC Family, toured arenas with Jonas Brothers, and had a major label debut with a top 10 iTunes single.


The two lead members of Walt Disney Records group, KSM, have come back together to form a new band called Rixy Fisk. The band is currently unsigned, but consists of Shelby Spalione Cobra (vocals) and Shae Padilla (guitar).

Here is the description of the group:

“Rixy Fisk is a new, up and coming all-girl rock band, with former members of KSM, Shae Padilla and Shelby Spalione. Keep checking back for updates as we find our new members, post new music, and share all the new projects we’re working on!”

The ladies just found amazing bass and drum players, and have already announced that their music genre is Rock/Pop/Alternative. They have written 8 new songs to date.

You can visit the groups Facebook Page to hear a preview of the new music: facebook.com/RixyFisk


KSM: Read Between the Lines, album, single & music video
KSM: I Want You To Want Me single & music video (top 10 iTunes)
KSM: Live at the Fillmore Concert Special