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"Hiccups"(Good Humor/Japan)
"Riyu's Album"(Polystar/Japan)
"AFTER WOMAN"(Zipangu/Japan)
"DANAI LOUNGE" (Danai Beach Resort / Greece & France)



-------------------------------------------Artist. ---------- I spent my childhood in Chicago and New York City, and started music after I returned to Japan. I came back to Japan in Junior High, and the differences between the two cultures built the basis of my thoughts. In my American classroom, were African, Phillipino, Israeli, Dutch, Korean, Chinese ?c children with different cultural backgrounds. It was a unique and powerful environment, and I felt I sort of saw an ideal society. I like to place myself in an atmosphere with conflicting personalities and senses of values hopefully forming a much greater harmony. Because it?fs much more of a challenge, and besides, it?fs too boring if we?fre all the same. I hope to take away the many borders, like gender, age, and nationalities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist. Musician. Started learning piano from three, graduated Osaka University, finished Simultaneous Interpreter's School, translator, iinterpreter. 1996. Debut album "Hiccups" released from poet, artist and producer, Bun Onoe's independent label "Good Humor". The CD was produced by his spoken word music team "Boy Mets Girl" (Bun Onoe + Shinobu Imai), and collaborated with organ trio Medeski, Martin and Wood, and guitarist Marc Ribot, with Hiroyasu Yaguchi's Brass Group. 1997-98. N.Y. Recording Series - "A Funny Egg"(1997) "oops!"(1997) "Hokey-Dokey"(1998) released by Polystar Records - Good Humor. Musicians: Marc Ribot, Sebastian Steinberg, Yuval Gabay, Charlie Giordano, Peter Scherer, the Jazz Passengers. 1999. Maxi Single "Bullshit", Image Song for N.Y.I.F.F.M. (N.Y. Independent Feature Film Market) in Japan, released from Polystar Records. Riyu also participated in Carrie Ansell's movie "flushed" with the Opening & Ending Theme for the "flushed" video (Japanese version) . 2000. 1st Full-Length Album "Riyu's Album", released from Polystar Records - Good Humor. Best selection of sessions recorded from 1995 - 1999 with great musicians that Riyu respects. New Re^Mastering + 1 Bonus Track, 14 Tracks in all. 1.37 Year Old Baby 2.Hiccups 3.Miniature Barbie 4.A Funny Egg 5. A Dog's Feelings 6.SPACE IS A BIG O (circle) 7.Oops, oops 8.Shimi Jimi 9.At The Seashore 10.Grandma Is A Girl 11.Life Is A Movie Theater With Lots Of Laughter 12.Engawa 13.The Summers In Evanston 14.A Walk (instrumental) 2003. 1st Live DVD+CD "That Live" released from Good Humor. 2004. 1st Multi Language Poetry Book "Messing Up Japanese" (Shichosha Publishings). 2005. Bilingual Short Story"Tooth Fairies" appeared on magazine "Gunzo". 2006 Live Album "flushed tour", Maxi Single "AFTER GIRL", Maxi Single "Our Children's Room When I Was Six", Mini Album onomatopoeia "Voice Cartoons: Are Baby Squirrels Shy, Too?", released from Good Humor. She also participated with English voclas in compilation CD "aloha chill", released from Pony Canyon Records. New Album "After Girl" includes songs about the future, which she made while she was sick in bed. - "AFTER GIRL"(after man 5 million years away), "Mommy For President"(the first president of Planet Earth), "My Clones", etc. Produced, composed, mixed and edited by riyu. Lyrics by riyu / riyu and Bun Onoe. Arranged by Osamu Matsumoto, Shin Kono, Shinobu Imai and riyu.