BandRockHip Hop

Our Music Genre Includes Rock, Rap and Metal. Our main Influences are only Linkin Park. The rest of the other influences are like Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, 2pac...etc and all the rest of the other bands and singers etc.


Talking about our start....
well here it is....
This band wz first started with 4 members they were KRIS, JACK(Jackson), JAZ(Jasin) & SEEK(Sreekanth) in 2008 march. They had done various performances in their school like playbacked English songs of different artists.
Then they all thought of forming a band. then they all thought of keeping a band name. After some days kris got a name from his mind while he was in his school bus returning 2 his home after school. then on the next day he said the name of the band 2 the rest of the 3 members .They liked the name and kept it as RISALS.
After few months jack met JOE(Joel) when their wz a talent show at jackson's church. Joel had won 2nd price for playing a religious song in his Acoustic Guitar. he wz well known in their school for playing acoustic guitar for school programs also.
When they were in 9th standard they met another guitarist his name was Nithin(FaithSeiner). he was also well known 4 playing guitars.They also selected him as a lead guitarist in ther band. they all performed a song "What i've done" from album "minutes to midnight" from american band called "Linkin Park" at Indian Association, Sharjah and also in their school 4 d annual day program.
When they were at 10th they took a one year break because they had board exams. After boards they rejoined the band to make songs.
Kris made 7 songs by himself in his own creation and gave it 2 each member 4 practising it.
Then in september 2010 kris met the 2nd Vocaler, his name was Alan jose(Aj Metaller). He was well know in his school for singing Metal type Songs Like All that Remains, Killswitch Engage...etc.. specially his different type of screaming voice.
He had sung over 44 songs of one artist (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) and had Uploaded it on You Tube. Through the way of You Tube, Aj was
also Selected in this band. When Aj heard this band name, he thought of changing the name of RISALS to RIZALZ. Because it could feel it as a heavy type. so he suggested to kris about the name change . When Kris heard this name RIZALZ he liked it and informed it 2 all the rest of the members, they also liked the name and they changed the name to RIZALZ.

We Rizalz is a 7 Teen Band in U.A.E. We 7 Students residing in Sharjah, brought together in 2008 just beacuse of our love for music and the bond between us. We are looking 4 some new creations with our full effort 2 make our songs more good & attractive. And We have just one unifies dream, that is to entertain the World ..!!!