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My name is Rize and I recognize that my power comes from my history. Based on that power came the creation of Ryt Lyf Entertainment. Our efforts organize positive Hip-Hop Artist and Music business professionals to create more opportunities and influence with positive Hip-Hop for the youth. Our goal is to empower the youth to take control of their power in Hip-Hop. I recognize that my history during America and before America makes us who we are. I recognize that our very power of being is one of strength. I write and make music to inspire, empower, and to create a feeling of togetherness. I work to create new opportunities in the black community. I use Hip Hop as a vehicle to gain access to its wide reaching audience. Sharing my true history and pain. I am seeking my rightful place in the future. We work for the kids.They are our future generations. My music reflects my passion of community. I am a spiritually guided soldier for my ancestors. I am Ryt Lyf and we will RIZE!!!



Written By: Rize

verse 1.
Born skinny and nappy headed innocent to the game. The more I grew up innocence left and things changed. What i was blinded to then I could see clearly now.
what used to make me smile started making me frown. I never understood the pain from being black from being beaten and killed and kept away from the facts. No matter how hard we try we always been held back. They lie cheat and steal so they can hold us back. but you can't stop a people that refuses to be stopped you can't hold us down our destiny is the top. I can't help but to smile cause I'm so damn strong. you can feel the strength that I have in my song. I walk heavy on the earth cause the world is mine so open your eyes and pay attention to the signs the time is now we organizing in numbers we aint asking for nothing. We coming out from under.
Open your eyes and see the lessons that be, Learn from the struggles that we live in the streets. We must remember that the day comes after the night tho the war seems hard we must continue to fight.
Verse 2
I aint scared to speak the truth this is how I feel I aint sekking my soul just to get a deal. I aint rapping for money I'm rapping fpr better days reaching and teaching with a mic on a stage. Understanding the pain of the game from which I came can only make me stronger keep me from going insane. aint no coincedence so many of us in prison it aint hard to see we targeted with racism. I used to think that we could all live in peace now i understand we cant have peace till we all get a peice. God bless the child that has his own thank you God for giving me the strength to carry on I wonder if anyone cares that we survive It seems that no one cares that were alive. I hold my head you threw your best shot I'm still here bump the world If no one else cares I care.
"hook- see above hook"
It seems that I been marked for death and I can't get no help unless I help myself I aint scared, Im ready to blast, yea and if I go I gave it all I had yea. Death before dishonor no retreat you either ride or die against me or with me. Military minded strategizing every strike, fighting like I can't losr victorys in my sight. I live for the kids, I ride for the kids, I die for the kids and I'll kill for the kids. It's my future generations that I'm fighting for got my eyes on the prize and I'm directing the show. Now go for your dreams but protect it from those haters. Pay attention to your struggles because thats what made you. Hold your head and walk like you know.
Hook- see above hook


Debut Release:
Face To Face with a Blackman

Set List

We provide a variety of Positive artist. We host weekly talent shows of positive talent. We host a Ryt Lyf Entertainment tour of positive artist.