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"Rizon Raises the Issues"

Rizon Raises The Issues

Singer seeks to give abused children a voice through new song
By Wayne Bowman wayne.bowman@trinidadexpress.com

Story Created: Apr 14, 2012 at 10:52 PM ECT

Story Updated: Apr 15, 2012 at 4:07 AM ECT

Only recently, Rizon (Shane Gibson) was observing the growing number of children being abused physically, sexually and emotionally. He was brought to tears by the sheer cruelty being meted out to the innocents and anger boiled within him. He decided to get up and do something rather than remain seething, without being effective.

The singer/songwriter/producer first put pen to paper and wrote "No Entry", which he recorded and produced himself. From the song, Rizon set out to establish a movement that would work towards rescuing children from abusive hands and also encourage young people to lift themselves out of oppressive situations and become positive and productive members of the community, and nation at large.

"The genesis of 'No Entry' is the realization of the amount of crime against children that is taking place. This brought tears to my eyes, but not just sadness, he said. It was an angry sorrow that brought a level of vexation. I began to feel helpless, then I told myself that I have a voice, so what can I do to make a difference?"

"The song deals with the issue of child abuse but also the abuse of people in general. I am saying that we can protect ourselves against negative influences and from being abused. The first verse is sort of a parallel of Jesus clearing the temple of gamblers and the black market. Our bodies are temples that we have the power to cleanse of negativity, in even a radical way. I am also seeking to give the children a voice in the song and through the 'No Entry' campaign we are in the process of building," Rizon said.

Rizon is a Christian youth minister, and his song from the 2007 debut single "Reach" encouraged listeners to pursue their dreams regardless of whatever situation they may be in or what people may say of or to them to discourage them. Since that first hit, Rizon has recorded songs advising young women to respect their bodies and demand respect from men.

Although a Christian, Rizon is not considered a gospel artiste, per se, and performs on what is known as the secular circuit, reaching into places where the traditional gospel singers may not. There are, however, gospel acts such as Sherwin Gardner, Gitta Dan, Tiko Angelus and Jadee who also go into what are considered to be high-risk areas and non-gospel events to minister through their music.

Since the release of "No Entry" two weeks ago, Rizon said there has been a lot of interest in the song from as far as Texas, USA; and Australia. In fact, Rizon will headline a concert titled "No Entry" at the AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas, on July 7. This event is part of a World Leadership Summit for youth ministers, worship leaders, teen ministry leaders, singles ministry workers and others. The summit runs from July 3 to 8, and the concert is one of the main events.

"There are several foreign events that I've been invited to perform at, but I really don't like speaking of them until everything is set in place. The Texas thing I can mention because that is already booked. As for the "No Entry" video, I've received requests from St Vincent; Tempo, a Caribbean network in Brooklyn; New York, USA; and even Australia where I'm to be featured on the cover of a Christian magazine and website," said Rizon.

Rizon is at present putting the finishing touches on a new CD collection that he intends to release in the coming weeks. He now produces his own music, from laying down the beats and other instruments. He also owns his own publishing house through which he publishes his music worldwide. The "No Entry" campaign will also be launched with the CD.

"We are now working on the launch for the 'No Entry' campaign, and I am also finishing up my new CD, Liberate, which will also be launched at the - Express Newspaper


Liberate Album [May 2012]



[Rizon] Biography

Gospel & inspirational singer, songwriter, recording artiste and music producer, Shane ‘Rizon’ Gibson has journeyed far in search of a more meaningful way of life. He grew up in Belmont, a community in North West Trinidad, rich in potential talent and yet subject to a culture of violence. In this regard, Shane can be said to be a genuine son of Belmont. From early he showed proficiency in school with a passion for music and art. However, his natural aggression frequently placed him in physical confrontation with others. It was much later in his teens that Shane began to develop a profound relationship with God, one that would revolutionize his perception of himself and his outlook on the world. It is with this new-found lucidity that Shane began to review the course of his life, taking account of his inherent gifts, and seeking a means through which he could constructively utilize them. His innate aggression that was at one time a bane was to be redirected, away from violence, toward a clear-sighted, determined confrontation of the negative influences that have impeded or diverted the progress of so many around him.

For some time Shane had been contemplating the possibility of pursuing a career in music but entry into the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago appeared daunting. He had a clear vision of the kind of music he wanted to produce, a sound and message that could penetrate, refresh and inspire the psyche and spirit of the world’s youth, while at the same time, possessing mass appeal across all age groups. It was a tremendous undertaking but one that had to be promoted and sustained almost entirely by himself and dedicated family and friends. For it appeared that the music that seemed to receive the most airplay on radio and television both locally and internationally was less than ideal for a younger generation needing and seeking out guidance, encouragement and upliftment. It was Maximus Dan, who Shane held as a music mentor, who helped him to believe that making positive music was indeed a viable career path and one that should be pursued.

After much introspection, Shane made the risky decision to leave the corporate world with its security and embark upon the path of the unknown as a musician. A step in faith, he calls it. He formulated a name that he believed articulated his desire; the essence of the music he wished to produce; and his personal development from a conflicted youth to a man aware of both his strengths and his weaknesses, and determined to channel them for the betterment of his soul and the lives of others. The name was RIZON, an amalgamation drawn from the words ‘horizon’, where the heavens touch the earth, and ‘risen’ as in ‘risen with Christ.’

The popularity of Rizon’s music has defied all expectations. While positive and uplifting themes are hardly considered mainstream, the universality of his message coupled with a unique musical style has captured the attention of music lovers in the Caribbean and beyond, achieving both commercial and critical acclaim, including his live performances, for which he has been described by one journalist as ‘a powerhouse’.

Rizon has always striven to make his life a positive example for the younger generation and his visibility as a recording artiste has afforded him further opportunities to share his message. With numerous invitations as a motivational speaker, he believes these occasions complement his efforts through music to offer guidance and inspiration. This dedication to youth and the improvement of their social and spiritual consciousness has been seen as a genuine passion and strengthened his place as an ambassador for the youth.

Having been recognized for his contributions at the National Youth Awards and the prestigious COTT Music Awards, Rizon has established himself in the music industry as a distinctly conscious voice with an eternal message