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The Voice Of Myspace RizZ Burna available at CD Baby released in 2007

Its Me RizZ released in 07

The dom Released in 07

Don't Slip Released in 07



Music has been in our lives since we were 10 years old, We would sit around the playground trying to recite Some Of Big and Pac Versus in Rap Offs (laughter from RizZ). I mean we would take their hottest bars and try to use them against others.
It wasn't long after that i started to right my own bars and take to the lunch rooms and battle the competition. Inocent wasn't doing none of that yet he was doing other things even back then i would try to make since with what i knew.

My pops use to do this before he had to go away for a few so i kinda found it as away to express myself! i would write stuff to impress the females know what i mean, and they would be like who wrote that? when i would tell them that was me they would be like wow it sound like something jada kiss would say. And to hear that on the real made me feel good! Since he is the artist that i looked up to the most. Shouts out to the whole D-Block two!

Their was a many nights i would be in the house acting like i was a member of D-Block sparing back and fourth with some of hip-hops finest, when i realized that Friends and others were really feeling my work i was like you think i got what it takes to share it with the world they all was like yeah! So at 16 I bumped into Tu Eleven or as you all may know him blue steel at a friends house he was doing the whole acting thing at the time and had just decided he was gonna become a agent. It Was at that time i just blurted out you can manage me he looked at me and said why would i manage you? and just started laughing!Know what i mean so right on the spot i hit him with like 150 bars, when Inocent walked in the crib And for some Reason out of no were he spit like 60 more bars! I looked at him and he looked at me and we both was like damn you just killed that. I never new he had been keeping up with his flow, So Steel was like wow i need you both and its been that way for like 3 years.

We feel like we are trend setters not followers man! when we do get in the booth we let the tracks talk to us before we deiced what the streets need to hear and what type of record do ours fans deserve to hear from us. We don't go in and try to duplicate the next artist work we be like man that artist just made dudes step it up! And we go in the booth and look to do just that step it up! with out selling out Tu always kept us grounded. He kept us sparring with our selves he demands quality and loyalty he says if you in it for the money then you are not a artist you are here today gone tomorrow record. And we know thats not what we want, we are Artist we are the guys you wake up to and go the sleep to we are family know what i mean? our fans are our family and we got to make sure that the This family is not going hungry out their.

We dropped our first album in 07 and it wasn't even our album it was just a collection of tracks and the streets went crazy so now we working on our album right now Know what i mean, it's gonna be crazy its called Hoody season so get ready its gonna be fire also be looking out for that B.S.M Album thats the whole family on one hot album.

Scream at me I does this to the death you need a colab hit me at rizzburnacolab@gmail.com