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ENERGY! ---- ENERGY!---- ENERGY! It's time to please the crowd again! RizzyBoy is the ENTERGETIC rapper/producer/songwriter that's guranteed to have the fans up out their seats and running to the stage!5150 MUZYK is the new sound of westcoast funk!


The West Coast music scene was quiet until Dr. Dre’s protégé ‘THE GAME’ brought back GANGSTA MUZIK, and now Virgin Records has their hopes set on a Eric Wright Jr., the eldest son of the late great Eazy-E, debut. But what the West really needs is brand new face with a brand new style.

That’s where Rizz fit’s in!

The 21 year old producer/ rapper/ songwriter began his career writing, producing, and raping for Lil Eazy E and Armed-N-Dangerous Ent. Rizz and Lil Eazy where classmates at Dominguez High School in Compton, California. Shortly after graduation, they moved to Las Vegas to work on Lil Eazy’s album on Armed-N-Dangerous Ent. Everything was going well until the DEA shut down the label after a 9 month investigation that left the owners in federal prison and Rizz without a studio.

After that Rizz hooked up with Caviar and Ft. Knoxx Productions where he was featured on HIPHOPMOVIES.COM, Ft. Knoxx’s “The Vault” Vol.3 compilation album, and Snoop Dogg’s “Welcome 2 Da Chucch” , along with a wide range of mixtapes.

In 2004 Rizz began his own production company (51Fifty Muzyk) that created a fan base throughout Southern California. The unique style of beats and Rizz’s great looks and extraordinary lyricism have girls going wild at every performance.

The’thing’ that makes Rizz different from other artist coming from Compton is the topics he raps about. Most people expect to hear about a gang bangers lifestyle of selling drugs and shooting rival gang members coming from a CPT native, but Rizz brings a marvelous display of West Coast Hip Hop mixed with party music that is now being called 51Fifty Muzyk.

Rizz is an asset to any label from production to songwriting!
The future of music starts right here!


The #1 Blazzing Single "La-La" is being streamed constantly on my.space.com,artistnow.com,americanidolunderground.com, and many more...

Set List

RizzyBoy does at least 3 to 4 songs every performance excluiding the intro and outro and crowd pumpers. He usually start's off with an energetic intro track called 'get it crackin'