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Commercially appealing. Lyrically superb. Aesthetically pleasing. An energetic artist that commands the stage and attention. Featuring clever "hooks" that are contagious and catchy. An incredible storyteller with lyrics laced over pumping beats.




Raised in the ghetto west coast phenom RizzyBoy was born into poverty and forced to deal with the so-cal's gangster lifestyle of drug dealing & gang banging. Unable to escape his world of violence and with no one to talk to about it, at the young age of 9, he began to write how he felt about his situation. It wasn't until the ground breaking release of Bone Thugs & Harmony’s "Crossroads" when RizzyBoy decided that his life's goal was to be a very successful rap star.

After performing in numerous house parties, clubs, & showcases through out Las Vegas, NV and Southern California he attracted the attention of the legendary Eazy E's son Lil Eazy E. "Yeah, me and Lil E had 1st period together" Rizz blurts while laughing, referring to being classmates at Dominguez high school 2000-01 school year. "I would come to class almost everyday and him and Malcolm (Lil Eazy's best friend) would be there waiting to see what new verse I came up with overnight." "Macc would make a beat on the table while Lil E listened to me spit venom." And sure enough after graduation at the age of 19, Lil Eazy E signed Rizzyboy to Armed-N-Dangerous Ent. Soon after RizzyBoy became Lil Eazy's official songwriter and is the man responsible for the 'Classic' 2003 remix of Eazy E's "Radio" written & produced by RizzyBoy and performed by Lil Eazy E. The success gained Rizz exposure as well as respect not only as an artist but also as a songwriter and producer as well.

Superstardom was destined to follow after hard work and dedication gained RizzyBoy the opportunity to be the first artist to be released nationally off the label; above label mate Lil Eazy E. Though the opportunity was grand it was never reached after a 9 month DEA investigation that left co-owners convicted of drug trafficking along with more than half of employees & artist.

Now, in 2008, RizzyBoy is "back for the first time" with a self-produced catchy album called, The Golden State Child”... the next level of hip-hop artistry in which RizzyBoy uses catchy semi-high pitched vocals similar to Universals Nelly perfectly blended with mellifluous vernacular like Def Jams Ludacris. Rizz's unique sound and remarkable versatility has already lead him to collaborate with such artist as Lil Eazy E, Jayo Felony, Rass Kass, Cavie, NME, Maino, JD, Wicced WIll, Big Kaos, Krazy Walt, and the West Coast Goon Squad. It is with an unyielding spirit and energetic presence that RizzyBoy will step into a promising music career that is destined to bring him fame and fortune.


**All albums are available as digital downloads across the digital music stores**


- EXECUTIVE produced by Patrice Floyd
- Independent release through Kunaki Distribution
- Rizzyboy 2 Da Rescue (2007)

Set List

If doing a club event by sets artist can do three sets that are 30 minutes each with 20 minute set breaks.

If doing a concert artist can perform for 15 min to 30 min with no break. There are no set lists for either due to artists using a variety of his extensive catalog.