Rob Jones

Rob Jones


Blending elements of neo-soul, folk, old-time blues and pop, Rob has the smooth guitar sounds of John Mayer and the raw soul of Marvin Gaye. This guitar slinging southern boy has bluesy Americana vibe with warm, acoustic soul where bits of old folk music


A Great Idea Last Night, Robs first EP was released before he attend the famous Berklee College of Music where zoned in on his " true" sound. He is now working on his first full length record which hope to be out by the end of the year. We all love to be moved by music and Rob Jones is a muse to do that for us all.


A Great Idea Last Night (EP) new record in progress

Set List

Sets run for how ever long it needs to be ( 25min to an Hour) but one thing is for sure you will leaved amazed.