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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo R&B Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sounds of Summer : Download "Brooklyn Bound" EP by RKHTY"

Tops dropped and cropped, summertime is here and what’s the summer without a perfectly memorable soundtrack?

Buried beneath the releases of big name artists on June 18th, Brooklyn native Rkhty released a summer gem EP called Brooklyn Bound, complete with sounds of love, sounds of success, and of course, tales of ambition.

Rkhty, (rah-ket-ty), with a name that sounds more like a brand and less like a singer/songwriter, is a Brooklyn bred native who encountered her adoration of music at a young age. After a full collegiate career, the gritty talent has turned her sights on singing and songwriting professionally.

Rkhty’s catalog of music and influences range from the Divine One, Miss Sarah Vaughn, to Nina Simone, from Jim Reeves to Stevie Wonder and Dr. Slinger Francisco, the “Mighty” Sparrow. A result of the wide array of musical influences and personal experiences, Rkhty proves to be the voice of a rich heritage and brilliant past with her unique contemporary sound.

Do yourself a favor, take a break from the mainstream and tune in to a velvet voice with a message.

Steam Brooklyn Bound below, or head over to Soundcloud for the download. - Global Grind

"R. Kelly wows fans at the Redemption Concert!"

From stepping the night away to a stadium filled with tearful fans, the Redemption concert is one that will definitely go down in Guyana’s history as one of the biggest mega concerts locally hosted! This concert was headlined by multi-Grammy award winner, R. Kelly.

Saturday, October 19, 2013 was the date and “Night of Legends’ was the theme. With names out of the music industry such as R. Kelly, Morgan Heritage, Kes the Band and Karma the band, who can differ? With a mixture of genres, music lovers of all backgrounds flocked the Guyana National Stadium for what would surely be an unforgettable evening.

Guyanese were blown away when the R&B superstar sounded his voice at just about 1:45am Sunday while still backstage. Screams rocked the stadium when R. Kelly asked “Are you ready for a show?” and ecstatic fans rushed to the stage from with their hands in the air. Bright lights were focused on the centre of the stage and the artist slowly walked forward dressed in all over black with the microphone in his hand. After a few moments of viewing the fans go wild, R. Kelly began waving his hands to the sound of music which dropped just as confetti burst into the air. Opening with ‘Your Body is Calling’, the superstar made his way around the stage, reaching out to touch the hands of fans who melodiously sang with him.

R. Kelly belted out most of his biggest hits but captured the hearts of thousands of fans, who may have captured his heart as well, when he started to sing ‘I Believe I can fly’, the biggest hit of his career! The huge audience loudly sang along forcing the artist to pause and turn the microphone stand towards the crowd who harmoniously and flawlessly recited the lyrics of the song. In utmost amusement, the megastar wiped away the tears that had trickled down his cheeks and applauded the crowd before finishing the 1996 chart topping song.

Kells explained to his fans his humble beginnings and reminisced on his inspiration when writing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, encouraging his fans to believe in themselves and push to achieve their goals.

Lightening the mood once again, R. Kelly got the entire venue to stepping with his hit ‘Step In The name of Love’. Lovers, friends and strangers all alike held hands and danced merrily to the beat of the song which the artist chose to close the concert with.

R. Kelly promised to return to Guyana, stating that prior to being contacted to perform in Guyana, he did not know where the country was, and more so anything about it, but after spending two days, he realized how much Guyanese love him and his music. During his 90-minute performance, he was extremely thankful to be in Guyana and on a larger scale South America for the first time.

Among the other popular songs R. Kelly delighted his audience with were ‘I Wish’, ‘Bump n Grind’, ‘Ignition’, ‘The World’s Greatest’, ‘When a Woman Loves’, ‘Fiesta’, ‘When a Woman’s fed up’, ‘Your Body’s calling’, ‘Slow Wind’ and ‘I’m a Flirt’.

Also gracing the stage were the Morgan Heritage group, Kes the Band and Karma the band. With their usual soulful performances, Morgan Heritage left a blazing trail and did not fail to live up to their reputation as one of the leading Reggae groups. The band managed to leave a lasting impression with performances of tunes like ‘Tell me How Come’, ‘She’s still Loving Me’, ‘Don’t Haffi Dread’, ‘A man is Still a Man’ and ‘Down By the River’. Lead Singer Peetah Morgan created shockwaves with his deep raspy voice and received loud roars of delight from the audience when he invited Gramps to sing for the fans.

Meanwhile, Kes and Karma, both out of Trinidad, brought something different to the stage with Kes performing high energy soca songs such as ‘Wotless’, ‘Stress Away’ and even a little bit of reggae while Karma did renditions of Pop hits, soca, reggae and dancehall music and the catchy ‘Prescription’ single.

Performing as well was Jumo Primo who brought his own flare to the show with songs that made x2 what it is today and a few of his more recent singles including ‘Nosey People’. Jumo pleased the audience with his funny gestures which even caused him to rip his pants after he invited a female patron to accompany him on stage.

Making an appearance as well was Rkhty out of Broklyn who holds strong Guyanese roots to which she stays true to. This young lady performed Reggae hits by the legendary Bob Marley among others as well as some of her own.
It was a night of high quality entertainment and patrons left the arena with smiling faces which indicated their satisfaction. Among the patrons were President Donald Ramotar, former President Bharrat Jagdeo, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Alli, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh and other government officials, along with members of the diplomatic corps. - Hits & Jams Entertainment

"Rkhty for “Redemption Concert”"

As fans excitedly await the moment R Kelly steps on to the stage of the Guyana National Stadium, organisers have added yet another name to the cast, Rkhty.
This songstresses’ voice exudes a soothing energy that brings intrigue to the listener. This Brooklyn-bred college graduate with undeniable pride in her Guyanese heritage, has been a child of her culture and music since the beginning of her singing career.
Rkhty’s catalogue of music and influences range from Sarah Vaughn to Nina Simone, Jim Reeves to Stevie Wonder and the Mighty Sparrow just to name a few. With inspiration drawn from a wide array of musical influences and personal experiences, Rkhty proves to be the voice of a rice heritage and brilliant past with her unique contemporary sound.
As she seeks to make her mark in the entertainment industry, she hopes to follow the golden standards set by the giants who have preceded her.
Other acts scheduled to perform live at the Redemption Concert are Morgan Heritage, Kes the Band, Karma the Band and R&B Legend R Kelly. - Guyana Times

"Tongue N Chic | Seven Minutes With RKHTY + Recap"

The ladies of Tongue N Chic sat down Saturday with Brooklyn’s singer and songwriter, RKHTY (pronounced Rah-keh-ti). She’s done covers for Rihanna‘s “Stay,” “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey and the most recent Drake‘s “How Bout Now.” Aside from putting her twist on some of the hottest songs out, she’s dropped songs of her own.

Before hopping into her interview, Novee spilled the tea on the latest entertainment news. We chimed in on: Rihanna’s upcoming album, Jazmine Sullivan abusive relationship, Mary J. Blige and her husband not having friends of the opposite sex and a new VH1 reality show titled Bye Felicia.

Nikki’s science side premiered during her segment, informing the room of a study conducted in Beijing that pinpoints why some individuals are single. We concluded its two kind of individuals in the world, one with the singleton gene and the other without it. Those with the single gene, produce less of the chemical serotonin. Nikki suggested we all go get our genetic mapping done.

And the group took turns asking our RKHTY questions such as who influences her, what music artist and producers would she like working with, what motivates her? Watch her reaction above as I compare her sound to the 90’s feel of Aaliyah. - Music Madame

"Now Playing: S.A.M. BY RKHTY (Rah-Keh-Ti)"

Now Playing: S.A.M. BY RKHTY (Rah-Keh-Ti)
December 17, 2014 | noveerose

With nothing but pure talent and beauty, singer RKHTY brings a fresh feel with her music. In addition to doing great cover’s of Rihanna’s “Stay” & Drake’s “How Bout Now”. She is an extremely singer/ songwriter who is constantly feeding her fan base with music of her own! The sky is clearly the limit for her career! Check out her latest video for her latest single ‘Sing About Me’ (S.A.M.) below:


RKHTY stopped by Tongue N Chic to speak to us girls about her journey in the industry and much more! Want to learn more about her? Look no further:

Now Playing: S.A.M. BY RKHTY (Rah-Keh-Ti)
December 17, 2014 | noveerose

With nothing but pure talent and beauty, singer RKHTY brings a fresh feel with her music. In addition to doing great cover’s of Rihanna’s “Stay” & Drake’s “How Bout Now”. She is an extremely singer/ songwriter who is constantly feeding her fan base with music of her own! The sky is clearly the limit for her career! Check out her latest video for her latest single ‘Sing About Me’ (S.A.M.) below:


RKHTY stopped by Tongue N Chic to speak to us girls about her journey in the industry and much more! Want to learn more about her? Look no further:

The Brooklyn native has a very big show coming up on New Years Eve at Milk River! She is also currently on the ‘Deans List Tour’.
If you are liking what you hear, be sure to keep up with RKHTY’s music on her Youtube channel!
Keep Shining Girl, cant wait to see what the future has in store for you! - Noveerose.com

"Play It Again: RKHTY “True Love”"

By: Sara Waber

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to RKHTY (Rah-Ke-ti) up close and personal when she filmed her Tiny Desk concert video in my living room. Yes, it was an honor. But I’ve been listening to RKHTY’s smooth smooth vocals long before that. I’ve had her version of S.A.M (Sing About Me) on repeat since she released it back in August. It’s an alternative take on the already famous Kendrick Lamar track. And when she released her video for “True Love” I was hyped.

From the opening scene of gossiping with her girlfriends in a dressing room to following RKHTY on her dates with three different dudes (yass get it!) you can’t help but nod along to the relatable feelings she evokes in this hopeful track about finding true love (or whatever true love looks like nowadays).
Play Too Much: Why did you choose this song to make a video for?

RKHTY: The original track “Election Relaxation” was a huge record when it was released in the 90’s.The beat is catchy right off the bat and I knew that hip hop head and general music lovers alike would appreciate the remake. This is my way of paying homage to one of the most influential groups that has had a significant impact on my generation.

PTM: How cool! Where was this video filmed?

RKHTY: The video was filmed in a variation of locations (Therapy Wine Bar, Beso Restaurant, Ehvonnae, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Downtown Brooklyn). I was very fortunate to meet a number of business owners and managers that opened their spaces up to me. This video was filmed over a span of about four months (total of a week or so) due to changes in locations and changes in love interests.

PTM: That’s what I loved about the video; all the different locations. It was fun, feeling like I went on all those dates with you as I watched. How did you come up with the video concept?

RKHTY: I worked closely with the director/producer Sebastian of SP1 films. He developed the concept and we refined the concept based on my ideas and the environment.

PTM: What was the hardest part and most fun part to film?

RKHTY: We encountered many speed bumps; from location, to love interests, to conflicting schedules. You name it, it happened. However once everything settled down and we found the right location, everything fell into place. Also, two of the three guys in the video, that I consider friends were my love interest. It was so awkward for me to be that close to them whispering in their ears and caressing their faces. I’m super shy about things like that but I had to suck it up and just do it.

PTM: Haha yeah that does sound awkward but I would have never been able to tell. The actors and actresses in the video were amazing including yourself! Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

RKHTY: Oh my goodness, there would be no video without a dope ass track! My producer V-Notes has helped me grow as an artist and and helped me fine tune my ear. She helped me fuse a classic old school track with it’s original sample while helping me to maintain my own flair to own the track. Sebastian of SP1 Films listened to all of my ideas and incorporated the best scenes to make this video. I want to thank all of the managers and small businesses owners who trusted an artist whom they’ve never met before to shoot an amazing video. If you are ever in these areas please visit them and support their business the way they’ve supported me. - Play Too Much


Brooklyn Bound (2013) 

Sunday Sessions(2015)



Music has always been innate for Brooklyn songstress RKHTY. While pursuing a doctoral degree at a prestigious university, she found her true passion knocking at the door. She answered and the rest has become history.

RKHTY prefers to remain unboxed by a particular music genre as she draws inspiration from a continuum of artists, both old and new. Her sole focus is creating optimistic and uplifting music. In an era when artists are replicating both image and sound, RKHTY unequivocally sets the bar. With a sound that is reminiscent of the past with a

futuristic flow, she masterfully delivers unforgettable performances. Her spin on new age hits and beloved classics continue to showcase the breadth of her artistry.

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