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Respect the Rkitech



Interview by J Hatch

Waddup R-Kitech thanks for taking the time out with istandardproducers.com to exchange some knowledge. First off, just tell us a little about yourself.

Well first off the name is r-kitech I’m a native of New York, Brooklyn to be exact. I now reside in long island NY. I have been in this music business over 12 years

How did you break into the production world?

Well when I started out I wasn’t a producer I started as a rapper. My mother had a family friend that thought I was talented and through trial and error we landed

A audition with devante swing of jodeci, I was 14 at the time. but i got tired of waiting for devante to show up to sessions so I started to watch what the engineers were doing and I would try to do exactly what they did whether it was to get the sound to come out or to make a beat. after about a year of that. I just became more familiar with all the equipment i mean we were in studios like Chung king platinum island Westlake in Los Angeles. So my intro to production was on a major level i never messed with little beat machines and all that. I went straight for the mpc3000 and a triton.

Devante swing of Jodeci was your mentor right? How did learning and working with him influence you?

Yea I was signed to the bassment/def jam at 14 years old with devante swing. I learned so much about the actual producing of records as opposed to just making a beat. I learned the importance of the feeling of the music not so much the technicalities but a lot of the time he would do things off a feeling. Putting chords together that really don’t go but they feel good type things. I also learned the importance of publishing and how important it is to be apart of the writing process. I mean how can you produce a song if you’re not a part of the entire thing. His influence on me musically is still heard in some of my arrangements and harmony parts when I’m working on R&B stuff and my work ethic I got to say I borrowed from him he is a studio animal.

I see you have a nice long list of artist you’ve worked with. Can you say how each experience has shaped the producer you are today?

Every artist is different I’ve learned how to pull the best out of whoever I am working with. I’ve been blessed to work with so many great and legendary artist that you cant help but learn from them. Every artist has their way of getting their work done so all those experiences taught me how to be patient with artist and honestly it’s our job as producers to help them paint the picture they want the world to see.

To date, what has been your most memorable experience in the studio with an artist?

Well I would have to say…. last year I was working on epmd we mean business out now and ill never forget walking into Erick sermons house and watching Erick and parish writing. I grew up on epmd so to be sitting there watching them write together was a huge deal for me, and to have Erick asking me what I think about this or that was crazy to me, like as a kid you dream about having you’re favorite artist love you’re music. To have dudes like parish pmd smith Erick sermon Keith Murray and others tell me how talented i am still blows my mind.

Ok, you’re in the studio ready to work on a new track, describe your approach?

First of all I have to have a clear head, then I try to ask myself what am I hearing what am I feeling in that moment if its something for me. If its another artist I like to converse and find out what’s really going on with them so we can create something true to what that artist is really feeling. Then I like to pick out drum sounds, find a tempo and start building around that. Once we have a tempo and a drum pattern, then its just trial and error until the music whether it be samples or whatever feels like it’s getting the point across. I really don’t use pen and paper and most of the artist I’ve worked with have adopted my method, they will do it 4 or 6 bars at a time to effectivley capture the moment there in the paper is so restricting once its on the paper you kind of have to say it, so I like to have them go rite from the emotion there in, the rest, Is just magic so to speak.

Considering technology is changing the way we make music. Are you more into software or hardware?

Well I started with hardware and its going to be hard to get me to fully change that due to all the great pieces that came out and continue to come out. I love software also I’m a big fruity loops user and reason user honestly the speed of doing things is so much faster but I use whatever tools are there to get the job done

I know you rap too, what can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

Yea I started as a rapper, I’m currently in the studio working on an album with DJ Mickey Knox, and my debut solo album plus a few others

With you being an artist as well as a producer, how does that help you with your music production?

I can make a track that I can do whatever I want do on it. As just an artist you get the beat and may not be fully aware of the sonics involved. Some artist aren’t aware that when they get a beat the 808 and the kick drum are clashing, they just like the beat so as an artist/producer I can hear and disect a wide range of things in the music to help the overall product much more clean and clear and sonically correct.

What other projects do you have lined up in the next few months? R-Kitech

Like I saying I’m doing an album with DJ Mickey Knox “ahead of time behind schedule” feat Keith Murray, Stat Quo, Labba the Fat Man, Lord Tariq, Sha Stimuli, Ali Vegas , Persia of the ‘White Rapper Show’, Troy Sluggz, Illa Ghee and a few more surprises. Plus I have production coming out on some of like Young Moss out of NC. Illa Ghee , Ali Vegas, Reek Da Villian. I also have a single out called “no props” feat Buckshot of Black Moon and Keith Murray and Pmd of Epmd I also have my solo album “customer service” later this year. Other than that just working with ftrainmusic.com

Any short term goals….say in the next 3 years?

Of course I want to have had at least 5 to 7 successful commercial releases over the next 3 years. I want the artist that I work with to be able to put their people on.

Any plugs/shoutouts?

Yea I want to thank the whole staff at f-train music (ftrainmusic.com) fraze…sequioa…dj mickey knox the bash brothers, hit squad def squad, duckdown, the entire istandard movement.thanks for everything…catch me at myspace.com/rkitech ftrainmusic.com

Anything else you would like to say?

To all the up and coming producers, I would like to tell y’all just keep working and change you’re perception of this industry. Don’t think you got to go multi platinum to be successful. Just find you’re lane and stay in it. Practice learn and work hard. R-kitech



1995 - DeVante's Private Collection
1998 - D.R.O.P. SET - Dark Realms Of Poverty
2003 - P.M.D - The Awakening
2004 - P.M.D, Fat Joe, K-solo - Back 2 Work
2006 - Epmd - Danger Zone
2005 - Nervous Records - Re-Animated
2005 - S.D.P. - Paid My Dues
2005 - Lil Raz - Get Money
2006 - E.P.M.D - Redman Das Efx Serious
2006 - Hit Squad ---Zero Tolerance
2007 - Pmd Open for Bizness
2007 - R-N-R The Situation
2007 - Uniq The Definition
2008 - Keith Murray Intellecual Violence Mixtape
2008 - E.P.M.D. - We Mean Business
2008 - Go Digital Presents March Mania
2008 - F-train Presents R-kitech's Beats & Bell's
2009 - I am The R-Kitech Mixtape
2009 - No Prop's Feat Keith murray & Buckshot
2009 - High Fidelity Mixtape
2010 - Ahead of Time Behind Schedule



R-Kitech started as a artist with legendary group the bassment with missy elliot playa timbaland under DEVANTE SWING of JODECI. He went on to join the legendary hit squad as an artist producer engineer with PARISH P.M.D. of legendary group E.P.M.D. after several commercial releases and touring with the HIT SQUAD R-Kitech has went on to producer and record with KEITH MURRAY STAT QUO, BUCKSHOT ,FAT JOE KSOLO REDMAN ,MOBB DEEP ,ILLA GHEE, SHA STIMULI, KALEBER , 50CENT, MAINO, DBS DOLLARS, GME, AND COUNTLESS OTHERS.