Robin Leigh

Robin Leigh


Eclectic acoustic-electric rock with passionate lyrics, ear candy hooks and alternative grooves that create a new genre of the girl with guitar.


I loaded up my six strings, my heart strings and my faith and headed to Texas, with hopes of recording a new CD with some fresh ideas, players & scenery. Hailing from NYC and Atlanta, Ga., I had jammed with some of the best in the biz - from Indigo Girls to B52s to Kristin Hall, and found myself ready to rock a new city with a wreckless sound. With accolades from Atlanta (Creative Loafing Magazine) and Houston press (Houston Chronicle online) and an arsenal of inspiring tunes, Robin Leigh is recording a brand new CD - alive with hooky songs, passion-driven guitars, poetic lyrics, sexy, caprivating vocals and in the pocket bass. The single "Open" reveals the unbridled passion of a singer/songwriter who has truly come into her skin, with lyrics and intensity that keep you begging for more.


New Single - Open

Set List

Under My Skin
Comfort Zone
Fetish Popsicle
Bottom Lip
Stand the Pressure
Sunday Morning
8 Days
Million Times Soul
Karma of the Day