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King Kong

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My music is hot and off the hook! Its shakin yo booty and bobbin' yo head type of music! Its what sells!


My story is not an usual one. I'm just like other artists that are determined to make it. What makes me different is that I have a unique flavor that I give to my music. What I really LOVE about my music is that it lets me express myself the way I want to. Although alot of trials and tribulations set me back, the love of my family got me through it to make me a better person. Being with Vision Records and the Ras-Lion Clique only made my life much better and a whole lot of things to look forward to. Writing my music and sharing it with other people gives me the vibes that are unimaginable! And those feelings are what makes me King Kong!!!

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Like a Girl

Written By: King Kong featuring Third

1st Verse:

You be actin, so Ima give u my manuscript
To tell u I represent 2 da fullest extent
Where it went u never seen the game on time
2 quick u slipped now I'm calling u a girl in my rhyme
How u actin don't trip I still be packin
Just in case theres a hoodride or a carjackin'
Break me off somethin 2 dump real quick
I gotta family to provide for and u knew dat shit
But why you don't wear panties fo like you know and I know that bootsie shit gotta go
The games like medieval leaving u axed up
Seen u again acting like a girl gettin waxed up
Matter of fact u type of girl I used to know
So I'm a tell u you're a girl like I did before
When it cease to exist that I think u a miss
But the type u see and would never give yo ass a kiss

U actin like a (girl)
U frontin like a (girl)
U slippin like a (gir)
U drippin like a (girl)


Like A Girl
Mr. Killabrew

Set List

We have enough material to do an hour or longer set. Sets will be available upon request.