BandEDMNew Age

Floats through the ether with the reassuring resonance of early Boards of Canada, bypassing a quirky beat factory en route.


My music is influenced by memories and the four months that I spent living in Ohio in 2006. As soon as I got back I started making music.


Wake Up, Log Off (August 2007)
I've had many tracks played on BBC Radio One.

Set List

Utility - 2 minutes
Four Piece Suite - 6 minutes
Paint Covered Flags - 6 minutes
Kweens - 6 minutes
Inflatable Pool - 6 minutes
Serving Window - 5 minutes
Young - 4 minutes
Still Shadow On Hedge - 5 minutes
Kittens Mittens - 5 minutes
Always Laughing - 4 minutes
Dusty Carrots - 6 minutes
Mandril Waiting - 4 minutes