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"RL/VL - Wake Up, Log Off review"

It’s not often that an EP from a local artist crosses your path that truly sucks you in on the first listen. Possibly the We Are Knives EP or the last Brian Robinson release are perfect examples but then along rolls RL/VL...

Hailing from Belfast, this 17 year old sonic wonder unleashes his latest EP, “Wake Up, Log Off” to the masses this weekend via the laced milk netlabel and what a surprisingly stunning release it is. The name is apparently an acronym for Real Life/Virtual Life and that’s actually a first-rate way to describe this union of music and feeling. It’s kind of like one of those summer days out with some friends – it just continually swirls in and out of luscious melodies and intricate beats melting in some twisted acid vibes en route; it fills you up inside and lets your brain wander through some distant memories and fields of the future. I know I probably sound like a bit of an idiot saying all that but it can’t be denied that this EP possesses some truly engaging sounds composed in a manner that is rather skilful in nature.

Tracks like “Plastic View” and “Lake” drum up a soulful energy, reminiscent of a very Geogaddi sound. They churn out complex rhythms chained with lulled druggy synths that take the listener on a very mellow and infectious journey.

Then on the other hand, there is representation from the other side of the spectrum. Tracks like “Event Sec” and “Mend Relations” really groove with an increased tempo and fiercer techno-like rhythm. “Mend Relations” really twists some screwed up acid vibes through the mix and backed by a haunting aura-soaking synth in the background makes it easily one of the EP’s highlights.

This is an EP that is full of little wonders. RL/VL has crafted a little piece of joy that floats through the ether with the reassuring resonance of early Boards, bypassing a quirky beat factory en route. It’s everything you’d need to climb a mountain or cross a meadow, or equally, to turn off the lights and rest your weary head. I’m off for the latter…

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Matt Hazley - Matt Hazley - No Clarity


Wake Up, Log Off (August 2007)
I've had many tracks played on BBC Radio One.



My music is influenced by memories and the four months that I spent living in Ohio in 2006. As soon as I got back I started making music.