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Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Hip Hop




"RMe "Ric Flair""

"The iHEART Track Of The Week is called, 'Ric Flair' by a Brooklyn based group that goes by the name of R.Me. This track is probably the first real party, feel good track I've posted on iHEART Dilla. I saw this group perform last night at The African Poetry Theater for the Free Da Mic showcase." - iHeartDilla

"Rashid Amir-Epidemic"

“…Venom at the tip of my tongue, I say kill it like the final nail in the coffin and it aint acrylic…” Do you here this flow. This dude is nice. Rashid Amir of R.Me Recordings is a throwback to the days of rappers actually being skilled at the ART of rapping (Not just sounding good on a record). From flow, to word play, to actually saying something, let me say it again: THIS DUDE IS NICE. Plus the bounce in the beat is crazy, you have no choice but to vibe to this. - Selorm Denu

"#lastfridayof2011 J.Mandela- Red Cups"

R.Me Recordings is back with another BANGER. This is by J. Mandela of R.Me. Man, these dudes have an amazing sound. They remind me of early 90's rap music, you know before most of it sucked lol. They have a dope vibe about them, playful wordplay yet you can hear their serious work ethic. I also love the energy on this. Dope! - Selorm Denu


Still working on that hot first release.



The thought process for the creation of RMe was birthed coincidentally. With only 6 blocks separating their Flatbush, Brooklyn childhood homes, Rashid Amir & Jebari Mandela met in the 1st grade. They both come from musical backgrounds; Rashid's mother is an experienced singer & pianist, while Jebari's father plays multiple instruments including the saxophone & flute. It wouldn't be till later in their teen years when they would first begin their musical quest.

After collaborating on multiple independent releases for years, it became inevitable, the formation of RMe was the next step. The recording brand, RMe Recordings, was a new developing venture & the need for a flagship act to be the face of brand was key. J.Mandela & Rashid Amir, along with 2 fellow lyricists, formulated the powerhouse group. In late 2009, RMe released their 1st official mixtape & then debut their 1st album ("Still Untitled Til' This Day") in January 2010. With the release of their 1st album, they bombed the streets, hitting up open mics, shows & any promotional events in all of the 5 boroughs. RMe became infamous for their Bowery Poetry Club performances, rocking their crowd favorable single "Ric Flair." Soon afterwards, RMe began doing shows out of state, while increasing their fan base.

Like most groups, egos played a negative role in the foundation. During the time of figuring what will be the next step for the group, they disbanded, as so it seemed. Rashid & Jebari, after constant reassessing the present & future, decided to reemerge stronger as a duo. Understanding they create their own destiny, RMe began with building blocks in November 2011 for their new album, "LOUD."

Patience is a trait practiced through time which they have came to learn. For a year and a few months, Rashid Amir & Jebari Mandela focused solely on the composition of the instrumentals & vocals on "LOUD." Some instrumentals were reconstructed, some song concepts were abandoned & others adopted. Their vision is set on delivering the best & not falling short beneath that goal. "LOUD" is slated for a winter release, but RMe has been making noise since the release of the first 2 singles, "Epidemic" & "Red Cups."

Musically, sky's the limit. As long as they continue to dream, their music will always be multi-dimensional. When asked if their brand of music is "conscious hip-hop," it draws a blank stare from both men. Neither man is willing to be boxed into a particular type. Quite simply, creating work that is timeless, socially relevant & honest is their motivation. And all of that is powered through the culture they lived in since elementary school & sharing printed copies of lyrics from the best artists at that time.