RM Project

RM Project


We are a Jazz R&B band with heavy latin and african rhythms underneath.


This is a unique band in that we are a group of humble musicians who enjoy giving it up to the other pieces in the band. The Righteous Mind Project is a collection of musicians assembled with one goal in mind - The production of good music utilizing the talents God has given each member. The sound is a heavy dose of smooth jazz overtones with a distinct underlying R&B flavor.
Band members are encouraged to express their musical creativity by re-arranging previously written songs or writing/arranging and performing original material.


No Singles released as of yet

Set List

We usually do 2 hour long sets that are mixture of vocals and instrumentals.
Tune 88
Ain't nobody
Still Loving You
What we do here stays here
Sissy Strut
People Make the world go round
Never can say good-bye
Stone Groove
Love Changes
Portugeuse Love