Rmusic Hurd

Rmusic Hurd


If John Lennon and Marvin Gaye ever had a child together, it would be me. My life is a walking storybook, I write what I feel, I feel what I hear in music and I hope it shows.


Born in Denver, Colorado Shelley Rigmaiden (SR) wrote her first song after piano lessons at the age of six. She discovered the guitar and by junior high, excelled in jazz band where she performed George Benson’s Breezin’ for the spring concert in 1982. In high school SR played in various local bands, including Brand X. The band featured Steve Gibson who co-wrote Whoop! There It Is.

In college she wrote and produced two award-winning songs for a contest to promote guaranteed student loan payback–Think of Your Loan and You Better Pay, featuring Billy Tolles on saxophone. The Student Loan Blues video went on to win first place in 1991.

In l993 SR moved to Los Angeles, California where she volunteered for the National Academy of Songwriters. There she assisted Dan Kimple putting her alongside of writers such as Jeff Berry (Leader of the Pack, Chapel of Love), Alan Rich and Jud Friedman (Run to You-Whitney Houston) and Dino Fekaris (I Will Survive). From there she sharpened her songwriting and producing skills.

Enclosed are a few samples of her collaborations with local artists. SR composed, arranged and played keyboards on So Far Away with Lincoln Adler. He co-produced the piece and contributed drum programming. John Ramos accompanied on killer guitar with a breathtaking performance by Cyp, the young vocalist, from Detroit.

You Just May is a song that was written in response to Janet Jackson’s That’s the Way Love Goes. All the music is taken from Norman Brown’s version of the song, edited and mixed by Lincoln Adler. This was another rare vocal performance by the songwriter SR.