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High energy, pure showmanship, bringing back the days of the entertainer, combining soulful lyrics and smooth vocals with pulse pounding hip-hop beats and the attitude and swagger of a rockstar, just imagine if Raphael Sadiq and Stevie Wonder with a hint of Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. merged into one


A native West Philadelphian is the R&B/HIP HOP ROCKSTAR and proud recipient of the UIMA (Urban Independent Music Awards) for two consecutive years. The first honor was awarded in 2004 for "DJ of the year" and the second in 2005 for "R&B Artist of the year" ,and most recently was the recipient of the Velocity Magazine Award for "Best R&B Album" 'The Prelude' he has also taken the top honors in the R&B category in the highly respected industry showcase "Faces in the Crowd". E adorns the DC metro area with his relentless talent and multifaceted ensemble roles that resounds his presence as a breakout star. His career was well placed as he ignited in the music industry as a seasoned performer, singer/songwriter, self taught musician and producer. In acknowledgement to his skills, he gives tribute to his influences such as Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mint Condition, D'Angelo, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill. When asked how he could be an element of inspiration to the music industry, he gracefully smiled and said that he was here to help elevate the already wonderful state of R&B music and is bidding for his voice to be heard. Born into a musically talented family, (his aunt and mother) are undeniable testaments that he is no stranger to capturing any crowd and that his decision to become an entertainer was without question. While his role as a DJ bolted like lighting as he spun at major hot spots in DC and while rocking the "wheels of steel" for the Latin Hip-Hop powerhouse known as CRISTOPOLIS, E's effortless transition into songwriting and R&B performances lead him to share the stage with the national recording artist "Musiq Soulchild", Russell Simmons new sensation "Blac Buddafly" "Styles P" and "Pleasure P" just to name a few. While performing in countless major showcases as well as establishing his own platforms with management company Phat Cats entertainment LLC, he graces audiences with intoxicating doses of R&B vocals, his driving force of HIP-HOP smoothed with a swagger and the performance energy of a ROCKSTAR. He illuminates with devotion when he describes his conviction while out on stage as a do or die situation. He proclaims, "I love the feeling I get when I'm out on stage. Since I am a new artist on the rise, the audience looks at me with expectations to be impressed, and I just go out there and give my all to every performance because I want that crowd to remember who I am long after I've left the stage." In addition to the triumphs of the early superstar, he is currently celebrating and promoting his highly anticipated debut album entitled The Prelude. The album contains all mega hits and one of the featured songs entitled Speechless gained national exposure accredited with E as he was a guest on the new dating reality show "Get the Hook Up". The Prelude features productions from some of the metro area's hottest up and coming producers: Romeo Jade (FaceMen Productions), Dante Richmond (Golden Boy Entertainment), Jewels (Sunz of Soul/Infinite Soul Music LLC)., and the new phenomenon from Virginia, Max Methods (Street Star Studios). E has already performed several tracks live and the response from the audience has been incredible. He rejoices that it has been a wonderful testing ground for him and it just increased his excitement to release this for all the fans that he has gained while promoting the project. He is a scorching new enticement that's indisputably ready to take the music industry by storm, so get ready world for THE R&B/HIP-HOP ROCKSTAR "E"!


Child's Luv

Written By: R.Jade

1st verse:
My Babies I just have to tell you/time hasn't been kind to me/the mistakes I made in my past/I feel they're comin' back for me/I hope you know I'll always luv you/you are the biggest part of me/your the reasons for my hopes and dreams/I strive to be the best for you.

I know that you think of me
I know that you will always be down for me
I know that you have nothin' but love for me
because there's somethin' about a child's luv that's pure and true

2nd verse:
with each passin' day I think of you/dream of everything that could've been/I'm so sorry I can't be there with you/but you know my luv will never end/how can I explain, all of the time that past between us/I cherish the days that we got to laugh and play/you are the brightest part of my life and.

Repeat Chorus:

I luv to see your smiles/
each day that I wake/
I know that I can make you proud/
and now that I have the chance to/
good things come to who wait because God has brought you into my life/
I know that your luv for me is overflowin'/
I know there ain't nothin' more pure and true/pure and true.

Repeat Chorus/ Ad Lib Out

Could I

Written By: R.Jade, Jewels

1st verse:
Such a beautiful thing you are/angel in disguise/I always luv to watch you sleep at night, sometimes/I wonder what's in your dreams/are you dreamin' of me/I can't believe that your lyin' here so close to me

I never believed in luv at 1st sight/
could i be the one you luv/
whenever our eyes meet my heart takes flight/
could i be the one you luv

2nd verse:
The slightest touch from you intoxicates my mind/your kisses are so sweet like a summer rain, so fine/when you call my name baby, oooh/when we're makin' luv/it's like heaven when i'm deep inside of you/and it feels so right.

Repeat Chorus:
I'm so tired of being alone/
I needed someone I could call my own/
I prayed everyday for you/I waited for you/you came and saved me girl/
anytime you should ever need me/promise to luv you unconditionally/do whatever to ensure/that you stay with me for all time, yeah baby

Repeat Chorus/Ad Lib Out

Like That

Written By: R.Jade

1st verse:
There's somethin' I gotta tell ya/ I'm feelin' the way you work it/watchin you work the room you got everyone eatin out the palm of your hand/the voodoo that you do/damn girl I gotta get next to you/I'm on the prowl for some action and It's you I'm persuin'
So let's not play/I wanna get it poppin' right away/so what cha wanna do baby/the way your lickin your lips and your body's tellin' me you want it/no time to waste/daddy's gotta have a little taste/I wanna work ya body baby/the way your enticing me shows me that you really want it.
You want me to work it/I like it like that/can i touch ya body/I like it like that/what ya think about you and me and ya girls up in vip gettin' naughty/I like it like that/you want it nice n easy/I like it like that/twerk it fast to please me/I like it like that/let's go back to my spot for some drinks and spend all night makin' movies/I like it like that.
2nd verse:
Don't wanna get too serious/I only wanna get that ass home and cut/I ain't tryin to play ya close/ I'm in town for one night and that's the way it goes/sexy as ya wanna be/I luv it when ya shake it out in front of me/I'm on the prowl for some action and it's you I'm persuin'
Repeat Bridge and Chorus
So sexy,senseuous ya body's really blowin my mind/let's get high tonight/I only wanna take ya for a ride tonight c'mon/
girl you can touch me tease me squeeze me we gon' work it all night/go down baby, work it out let's go flip it around baby/ whoa
Repeat Chorus AdLib Out


The Prelude Chronicles Mixtape Album
BeatCat Presents. Globally Connected V.1
American Gangster Remix Album (Collectors Edition)
The Prelude (Official Release Available Now)

Set List

Audience Check (Can I Sing 4 U)
Like That
The Groove
The Party
Could I
Sacrifice Our Luv
Don't Go
Like That (revisited)
Can U Beleive It (Outro)

The set is done medley style for a more explosive, fast paced, and energetic performance.
set time aprox. 45min but can be streamlined to fit performance time requirements