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Welcome to the RNS Experience! Arines Music, Fashion, & Entertainment is based in Columbus, OH and was founded in Youngstown, OH in 1996. We here at RNS Music feel we are the rebirth and the breath of fresh air that the OHIO/Midwest hip-hop scene needs after years of latency and sub-par material.


We are the voice of the whole state of Ohio. Not only will our impact be regional, we also feel that our current roster will be responsiblefor "raising the bar across the board" and have other artists stepping it up a notch or two for years to come. The roster includes a different mix of styles but at the same time this diversity acts in a complimentary manner which paint a vivid picture when put together. Any RNS artist in the future will have the potential to do a solo project, with half already at that level. The production staff includes 4 in-house producers and a few more to be added in the upcoming months. The world has been waiting for a new super crew with no flaws that thrives off the passion of making hot music. THE WAIT IS OVER..Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the future, RNS MUSIC.


Weight Flip Single 2007; Dj Dommy Styles "We're a Huge Deal" Mixtape 2007; We In the Building 2005;

Set List

Weight Flip, I Got You, How I do it, Get it Crackin, Mask on my Face; No cover songs 100% original material.