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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock J-pop


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ROA @ シェルター

世田谷区, Tōkyō, Japan

世田谷区, Tōkyō, Japan

ROA @ shimokitazawa three

Tōkyō, Japan

Tōkyō, Japan


福岡市, Fukuoka, Japan

福岡市, Fukuoka, Japan



"ROA JAPAN EXPO 2016 interview."

During the first day of Japan Expo 2016 , the team Had the opportunity to go to meet the Japanese rock group ROA . A good way to discover more about the group That Conquered the public szene Karasu and Went to meet His fans During the four days of the convention! ROA hAS aussi reserved a small messages to the fans, available at end of article

The Interview:
Hello, thank you very much for this interview! Can you Introduce Yourself to our readers Who do not know you yet?

Akaba: We are the ROA Group! Moroboshimann: My name is and I am Moroboshimann shamisen player [ Note: the shamisen is a traditional Japanese instrument ]. The group Tono: I Tono and I play guitar. Akaba: my name Akaba, and I 'm the drummer. Masatomo: I am the singer of the group, Masatomo. Shu . I'm Shu and I'm a guitarist aussi Miyo-C . my name is Miyo-C and I'm bassist in ROA Masatomo : Who is your favorite in the group? (laughs) CKJ: We do not-have the right to say! (laughs)

What is the origin of the name ' ROA '?

Akaba: The name means clustering heritage of ancestor . ' Our wish is to bring the heritage of the West and the Asian Heritage (The Therefore of the East) and mix all thesis assets, in order to Then spread this mix to the public. It is That this idea comes our concept ' Wayo Settyu '.

What are, For Each of you, That the artists influenced you?

Akaba: ! I like a lot of Japanese artists Masatomo: David Bowie ! Moroboshimann: It's hard to answer! There are Many That I like! Otherwise, Foo Fighters , a US group! Tono: NOFX !, A punk band Miyo-C: The Prodigy , an English group breakbeat! Shu: Thanks to my dad I listen to a lot of Western music, goal aussi groups of idols! (laughs) Akaba: Everyone listens to His favorite music, basic goal we all like Western music.

After 4 singles and a mini-album, what future projects? Is an album in preparation for this year?

Akaba: It wants to create a real album, not just an EP. Shu: We just released a single and we are on tour in Japan up to November, so it will be more next year, since we already busy up to late this year.

Otherwise, for someone Who has never heard your music, what is the song, from all you have left Date, You Would listen to That Person?

Akaba: It Would Be our song ' JAIRO.M .' Whose video is available on Youtube . We posted three clips on Youtube yet, so for Those Who Heard have-nots, we advise 'em to go take a look Shu: ' JAIRO. M 'est the last song we played on stage today [ Note: Thursday, July 7, the band Performed at 1:45 p.m. on the szene Karasu ].

How do you see your career in 5 years?

Miyo-C: In European tour! (Laughs) CKJ: If you come, we'll be there too! (Laughs) ROA: Oh, thank you!

If During your stay, do you have time to visit Paris, or before you know already ...?

ROA: This is the first time we come to France! Akaba: We have-nots yet HAD time to visit, goal we hope to-have time tomorrow! Miyo-C: The French are all cute! (Laughs) We saw a lot of beautiful things [ Note: implied girls ] in France! (laughs) Akaba: It is not hard to imagine things going here, PARTICULARLY Because of the attacks, intended in reality people here are very friendly and great food! So, we really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for this interview! - CKJ pop news

"ROA to hit up France during Paris’s Japan Expo"

ROA, a band who mixes American rock with the Japanese shamisen, will be visiting Paris during the city’s annual Japan Expo, being held from July 7-10.

Roa, as previously mentioned, is a band that mixes western and Japanese styles to create a unique and fresh sound. They formed in 2014 and have gained have gained a considerable following in Japan and abroad, even being featured in a French TV show. Think of the band as a mixture between ONE OK ROCK and Wagakki Band, if that helps.

If you want to see Roa performing at Japan Expo this upcoming week, you can find all the information on how to buy tickets at Japan Expo’s website. Roa will also be attending a signing event for fans to get their autograph. Hurry up and buy tickets before it’s too late! - JROCK NEWS

"HMV new artist release interview(Japanese)"

-- 今回HMV ONLINEに初登場ということで、簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。

AKABA: HMV ONLINEをご覧の皆様、初めまして!2015年4月から活動を始めたばかりの新人、和洋折衷ROCKバンドROAです!

-- ROAはロックバンドでありながら三味線がパーマネントなパートとして存在するという非常に珍しいバンド形態ですが、そもそも三味線を加えようとした要因はどんなことだったのでしょうか?

AKABA: 我々日本人は普段、日常生活の中で西洋文化をかなり取り入れて生きていますよね?
なので生活面でも音楽面でもそれをリスペクトした上で「東洋にも素晴らしい文化がある」 という事を世界中の人にわかりやすく知ってもらえればと思って加えました。
西洋の人達にも最近は日本やアジア圏の文化を好いてくれている人も多いんですが、 僕らが架け橋になって他の東洋の文化ももっと受け入れて貰えればなと思ってます。

-- 初めてバンドとして音を出した時の感想を聴かせてください。

AKABA: 初めて音を合わせた時に「これは滅茶苦茶かっこいい!」ってすぐに思いました。

-- 前例がほぼ無いだけにいまだ試行錯誤の途中だと思いますが、三味線がバンドの中に存在することで難しいことはなんでしょう?

AKABA:三味線という楽器自体、生音のボリュームが小さい事が最初悩みだったんですが、 特注品の三味線(moroboshimann MODEL)を作ってもらったので今はそんなに難しい事はありませんね。
本来三味線という楽器は座って弾くものであり、立って弾く事自体難しいそうなんですが、 moroboshimannがあんまりにも簡単そうに弾くので運が良かったです(笑)

-- そしてROAの武器は三味線だけでは無く、強固なバンドアンサンブルがありますが、今作においてサウンドメイキングでこだわったところはどんなところでしょうか?

。 それが無いとどうも聞いてくれる人達にも伝わらない様な気がするので。

-- レコーディング中の印象的なエピソードがあったら教えてください。

AKABA: やっぱり三味線の録音ですかね。最後に録音したのが三味線だったんですが、音を出した瞬間メンバーみんな「おおおおお!すげぇ!!!」ってなりました(笑) やっぱ三味線の音って格好いいですね。みんな写真とか動画とか撮りまくってました(笑)

-- 『KALACREATION』というタイトルからして和洋のハイブリット感満載で最高ですが、このタイトルはどこから付けられたのでしょう?またどんな思いを込めましたか?

AKABA:単純に今回のカラクリエーションは「カラクリ」「クリエイト」を足した造語と思っていただければ。今回の楽曲を作るにあたって自分達の「クリエイティブ」を追求できた事や、 その中に「カラクリ」が隠されている事を意味しています。

-- ずばり今作の聴きどころを教えてください。

AKABA:僕らは新人なのでまずは聴いてみてください!としか言えないんですが 三味線とROCKの和洋折衷感、ノリやすいくてキャッチーなわかりやすい楽曲、 歌詞の歌いまわし、全てに於いて面白い事が出来ていると思いますので 「KALACREATION」を隅々までお楽しみください!

-- アルバムのリリースと共にツアーも発表されています。どんなツアーにしたいですか?

勿論初めましての人達も大勢いるとは思いますが、各々バンド経験者なので昔から知ってる全国の仲間たちに会いに行ける事もまたツアーの醍醐味なので 色々と楽しみです!

-- それでは最後にHMV ONLINEをご覧の方にメッセージをお願いします。

AKABA:HMV ONLINEを通じて知ってくださった皆さん。本当にありがとうございます。
僕らROAは新人ですが頑張ってみなさんの記憶に残るよう、そして皆さんの心に響くような音楽をこれからも作っていきますので これからも宜しくお願いします。 - HMV JAPAN


1st mini album 'KALACREATION'(Oct 14 2015)

1st single 'SAROOTS'(Jun 4 2016)

2nd sijngle 'KIJINX'(Jul 17 2016)

3rd single 'INUVATION'(Aug 28 2016)



ROA is a Japanese alternative rock band formed by the drummer AKABA who is also the drummer of SNAIL RAMP, which was leading the Japanese melodic hard core and ska core scene, getting the No.1 on the Japanese oricon weekly rank, appearing on TV and radio, having a successful live of 100,000 audience capacity in Yoyogi gymnasium, as the next band to Hi-STANDARD in rank.
The band started off in Tokyo, Japan on April 2015, with the concept of "Wayo Settyu", which means half in Japanese style and half Western style, the mixture of rock and Tsugaru Shamisen which is one of the best-known Japanese instruments.

Celebrating the start, ROA got a lot of comments from the artists, which are leading the current Japanese bands scene and the comments were put on their official website.ROA's music video of the song called "JAIRO.M", which has the elements of rock, Tsugaru-shamisen and unique words for the lyrics, became their masterpiece and the spark of their popularity. 

The music video was played 20,000 times in a couple of days that independent artists who don't belong to any record labels rarely accomplish, and the total number of views is still increasing.
It was spread to all over the world by word of mouth and played on the rock channel of MTV called "Rock on MTV"

ROA, whose music video was played on the same time as the famous bands such as Finch, Mew, MUSE, released their 1st mini album "KALACREATION" on October 2015.
They were televised on TV commercials and the music video was televised on the street visions in the main cities in Japan.
ROA is now the most remarkable band in Japan with the skill and the popularity.

And ROA performed in JAPAN EXPO 2016 in Paris,The performance electrified the 4,000 audience.

Band Members