Roadblock plays a mixture of hardcore and reggae. Of course, add a little blues, punk, and rock and you may start to come close to describing our sound. We have original songs and we play a wide variety of classic rock, reggae, and ska tunes with our own spin on them.


We have always loved Bob Marley and other traditional reggae. Finally it dawned on us how fucking cool it would be to add our hardcore, blues, rock, punk, metal, and rap influences with reggae. We do a lot of traditional covers along with our favorite, Sublime. We are also working on an EP which will be awesome, gurantee!!!


Babylon Falls

Written By: Robert Parr

All my life I've been waiting
To break out of a shell
Then one day I finally realized
They could all just go to hell

Why do we always have to be like you?
Why do we always have to act like you do?
Why do we always have to follow you?
Why do we always have to be like you?

Why did I always believe a dream,
That never seemed so real to me?
Why do so many people look to a lie
Just to face reality?


Then one day I realized
One religion ain't for us all.
I'd rather be just who I want to be,
Sittin' back and watch Babylon Fall



We have plans to record a five song EP which will consist of all originals. The songs will be 1. Babylon Fall 2. Put a little Reggae 3. Twitchin' 4. Easy Lite 5. Cumilonimbus

Set List

We usually play for about three hours consisting of many covers and originals. Love Her Madly - April 26, 1992 - The Ballad of Johnny Butts - Badfish - Burritos - London Dungeon - Santeria - All Over Now - Dead Flowers - Fire on the Mountain - Rise Up - With My Own Two Hands - Get Up Stand Up - Heathen - Natural Mystic - Redemption Song - Zimbabwe - In Bloom - Little Red Rooster - Originals: Babylon Fall - Put a Little Reggae into Your Life - Twitchin - Easy Lite - Cumilonimbus -