Hasselt, Flanders, BEL

Roadburg is a pop/rockband, but not as we know it. These Belgian youngsters provide the listener with a challenging mix of Sonic Youths madness, Pavements indiepopfeeling and the sense for intriguing melodies of deus. Their performances are mysterious, intense and full of energy.


The star of Roadburg started shining during Humo’s Rock Rally 2008 (Belgiums largest rock rally) and Pukkelpop Festival 2008. These shows really impressed press and audience:” “With impeccable earworms such as ‘Turn the Radio off’ and a sound that balances between Pavement and Sonic Youth they could easily fascinate us for a half hour.” (Belgian newspaper De Morgen, 18/08/2008).

During the spring and summer of 2009 Roadburg prepared the recording of it’s long awaited debut. In the meanwhile singer Siegfried and guitarist Thibault conquered the world and other planets with The Galacticos, who had a major hit with Humble Crumble.

In september 2009 Roadburg stormed the famous Temple Studios in Malta, to give birth to their debut album, Raise Cain. Producer was Luuk Cox (Shameboy), also known for its work for Tim Vanhamel. (Millionaire). Mastering was done by Frank Arkwright (Arcade Fire, Coldplay).

On February 22, 2010 Roadburg released its debutalbum "Raise Cain". This album sounds as the perfect marriage between The Jesus And Mary Chain and Sonic Youth on a radio-friendly day. Pop music? Yes, but not as you know it… Single “Instant Flowers” was the ideal warm-up for this mature album with international potential.

HUMO (biggest Belgian magazine):“We love Roadburg the most in songs like ‘Plenty of peace left’, A sonic journey’ and the single ‘Instant Flowers’, songs in which they sound like no one else. Listeners need time to adapt to unique voices like the one of Siegfried Smeets, just like in the case of for instance Morrissey and –why not? – Bob Dylan.”

Indiestyle: “An incredible grown up record this is, knowing that the average age of the bandmemebers is only 21. Even nów Roadburg is more than promising!”


Roadburg: Raise Cain - 2010