Roadfever are adepts of Power Rock and their rage sends us to the vital electricity of bands like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Blackfoot, or Van Halen with vocals influenced by singers like Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.


Having played in several bands since the 80’s, it is in 2004 that Manou and
David meet up again ! After sharing some musical ideas they decide to form their own band, “Devil’s Daughter”, which turns out to be “Roadfever” in 2005. Pascal and Jessie join the band in 2006 and 2007. All the members of Roadfever have been giving energy-raising gigs since the 80’s with their numerous bands.

Together, Manou and David compose the 11 titles of the album “Wheels on Fire” which is finalized in March 2009.

In May 2009, Roadfever signed an exlcusive distribution contract for Switzerland with Irascible Distribution (CH) and the album "Wheels on Fire" is available on websites throughout the world through the retailers AOR Heaven (DE), and Rock Papas (DE) who are also in charge of their promotion.

Personal Bios:

Manou: Has been greasing her voice since the 80’s with several bands including: Sharper, State of Mind, Manou and the Moneymakers Band before forming Roadfever in 2005.

David: Has been “Zakking” his guitars since the 80’s, with several bands, his most recent being Sideburn before forming Roadfever in 2005.

Jessie: Has been playing his strings since 1977 with several bands: Arrow Head, Scrambled Eggs and Blackswan before joining Roadfever in 2007.

Pascal: Has been drumming since the 80’s with several bands including: Rash Panzer, State of Mind, The Persuaders and the Red Eyed Farmers before joining Roadfever in 2006.


Roadfever - Wheels on Fire
Our album is played on several radios (included are links in our presskit)

Set List

Set lists : 1hr min to 2h30.
Apart from the 11 titles of our album we do covers randing from AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynrd, ZZ Top, Saxon, Whitesnake to Free and more