San Antonio, Texas, USA

ROAD HOME is an up and coming band that blends Texas Country, Americana, and Rock into a very unique experience. Introspective lyrics and catchy "stick-in-your-mind-for days" melodies are hallmarks of the distinctive ROAD HOME experience.


ROAD HOME derives its name from one of Kevin's original songs, entitled "This Road Goes Home". This song describes someone who has left the comforts of home and ventured out onto the Road toward his dreams. He realizes that the Road is a lonely and harsh place, and is tempted to just take the next exit, hang a u-turn, and head back home. The protaganist refuses this easy choice, "turned the music way up high / to forget about what I've left behind" and continues on the Road to chase his dreams.

...are you on the Road?


World's Unknown EP, released April 2013, available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and other online music stores.