Roadhouse Clams

Roadhouse Clams

 Centreville, Maryland, USA

The Roadhouse Clams' bourbon-infused, redneck rock & roll is laden with old-school country, southern blues, a touch of Memphis rhythm, and even a little island flavor. Our live shows are always a party and always unpredictable. Between Clam songs we've been known to break into our own durty country versions of hits by artists like Prince, Abba, ACDC, Beastie Boys, the Bee Gees, Elton John, you name it. If anyone in the crowd isn't grooving to what we're doing, they're either dead or a communist.


A banged-up collection of veteran touring and recording musicians from the mid-Atlantic, coming together to play good-time roots music that makes us grin like mental patients. If our songs also make YOU grin in this manner, all the better.

Beyond the music, our lead singer is a recognized authority on beach bars. Our mandolin player comes from a long line of SW VA moonshiners. Our keyboardist is a world traveling International Man of Mystery. The bass player has a lead foot and nearly lost his license in TWO states at the same time. And our drummer is just plain bad-assed.

Well, WE call it 'Drinkin Music', but others have much more eloquently described us as "Redneck Rock n Roll", "Durty Country", "Southern Blues", and "the intersection where Nashville meets Key West".

Over the past four years, we've performed with notable nationals, including the Avett Bros, Jonny Lang, Dr. Dog, Gin Blossoms, Southern Culture on the Skids, Flogging Molly, Kix, the Nighthawks, Deanna Bogart, and Diane Birch.

The Clams are easily swayed by most anything bright & shiny, but some of our favorite things include [in no particular order]:

The Band
Merle Haggard
60-70s Stones
Good rum
Waylon Jennings + Willie Nelson [together AND separate]
Zac Brown 
4-wheel drifting
Irish Kevin's
Old 97s
Chuck Berry
Cake [the band AND the dessert]
The National
Wild Bill's
Dylan (Bob yes, Jakob sure, Thomas meh)
Kenny Chesney
McKinley Morganfield
Fleet Foxes
Buddy Holly
Tom Petty (and his brother Richard)
Dire Straits
Good slamgrass, like Leftover Salmon
Elmore James
steel drums
Brian Wilson
beach bars
Johnny Cash
Eastern Shore Blue Crabs
Beat Farmers
Rush [the band, not the radio guy]
Designated Drivers
Rodney Carrington
Porky's BBQ  at MM47
Albert Lee
Carroll Shelby
Los Fabuloso Cadillacs
Ry Cooder
string bikinis
Half-Mile Dirt Tracks
Jimmy Buffett [before he became a brand]
The Ventures
palm trees
Allman Brothers
small-block V-8s
Toots & the Maytals
Lugs Harvey
B.O.'s Fish Wagon                         

...and  the Beatles and Elvis too


"Raw Barn" 2010 [full length]
"I Like You Better" 2010
"Shore Girl" 2010
"Trailer Park UFOs" 2010
"Workin For the IRS" 2011
"The Girl I Love is in Love With a Girl" 2011

"Hard Times For Softshells" 2012 [EP]
"Buy Me An Island" 2012
"Brave" 2012
"Sand On the Tires"2012
"Southbound Breeze" 2012
[all singles listed receiving terrestrial + streaming airplay]

Set List

1. Opening Greeting
2. Song
3. Song
4. Mindless Chatter
5. Song
6. Another Song
7. More Chatter
8. Song
9. Really Shaky New Song that hasn't been properly rehearsed yet
1O. Great Song to cover for previous song
11. Shameless self-promotion of merch for sale
12. Song
13. Poignant Song
14. Big Powerful Song
15. Close
16. Pray for encore