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Roadmap Music


Roadmap Music is a community of songwriters and performing musicians hidden away in Kelowna BC Canada. Roadmap fosters a culture of collaboration, authentic creativity and mutual support which has resulted in award winning songwriting, notably The Kerrville Newfolk Songwriter Award among others.


Roadmap music is all about GREAT SONGS that come out of a long-standing community which values authentic creativity and collaboration. Roadmap Music also fosters a culture of encouraging and mentoring outstanding young writers. Most Roadmap songs would fit into the singer-songwriter, folk/roots and americana genres - though there are also many great trad country, alt country, pop, gospel and instrumental songs in the catalogue.

The Roadmap songwriters are also performing and touring musicians who have roadtested their songs in folk clubs and festivals across Canada, the USA and Europe. Only the best songs from these writers make it into the Roadmap Music Catalogue and onto the website.

The results of this community-oriented approach to the art of songwriting speak for themselves: Songs in the roadmap catalogue have won The Kerrville Newfolk Songwriter Award, The BC Interior Music Awards Songwriter of the Year and have received honorable mention in the International Songwriting Competition, The Mid Atlantic Songwriting Contest, The Singer-Songwriter Awards and The Just Plain Folk Music Awards.


Between a Boy and a Man

Written By: Ord, Smith and Strauss

when I opened my eyes this morning I felt the blues by my side
I was overwhelmed by duties with nowhere I could hide
I looked into my hourglass
trying to find more sand
trying to see my future
trying to make a plan
Caught here emotionally
between a boy and man

then I hit the road this morning
I walked the worried mile
feel like I'm crying on the inside
But they still need me to smile
How can make more money
How can buy some land
So many mouths to feed
and only these two hands
Caught here emotionally
between a boy and man

When will I grow up, when will I wave the boy goodbye
his blind naivety, is still trying to follow me
and this is no place for a child

I will lay awake tonight
With this still heavy on my mind
I've got a faithful women
Who's always on my side
I want to be a good lover
I want to be a good man
I want to blow this cover
And make her understand
That I'm caught here...

Rite of Passage

Written By: Smith and Strauss

Everybody needs something more than something less
And I guess it’s time you got this off your chest
Eighteen years old ain’t no time to rest
Gotta get on with your dreams I guess

I know the best whisky it takes eighteen years
For the character and the flavour to appear
I’m afraid the analogy breaks down right here
Cos you ain’t so smooth – you’re much more dear

I would like to celebrate the day
But it has come to carry you away
Oh this rite of passage it cuts both ways
Yeah this rite of passage it cuts both ways

Well I hear St Stephens is a pretty good school
Examining this world like some spinning jewel
No book can turn a sage into a fool
But follow your heart son and the golden rule

You were born with a natural groove inside your soul
It was almost stolen – you were just eight years old
But the band played on you rejoined the show
Hardly missed a beat – was a miracle

I would like to celebrate the day
But it has come to carry you away
Oh this rite of passage it cuts both ways
Though this rite of passage cuts both ways

This melody fell out of your new guitar
As the words came tumbling out of my heart
So whenever I sing it and wherever you are
I remember that love is never far

So I gave you this tune and it ain’t half bad
Caught here in the middle between folk and jazz
Caught like my heart between happy and sad
Think of it as a letter from dear old Dad

I would like to celebrate this day
But it has come to carry you away
Oh this rite of passage it cuts both ways
Yeah this rite of passage it cuts both ways

U Let It Go 2 Your Head

Written By: Smith and Strauss

C’mon lucy throw me a bone
You left me standing all alone
And I’m no good on my own
You keep saying

It’s not like there’s no hell to pay
I’d like to know an easier way
Cause I got your email yesterday
While our song was playing

I don’t need your apathy
It all just seems so sad to me

You Let it go to your head you let it go to your head,
And I was talking to your heart
You let it go to you head you let it go to your head
You had me wrong right from the start

you misconstrue my compliments
baffled by the consequence
all this wasted eloquence
lost in translation

I guess I’ll leave you unimpressed
I’ll just be moving on I guess
It’s been nice to get to know you miss.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be
But still is seems so sad to me

I thought I was smart baby
Aiming for your heart maybe
I’m just to sincere
Cause I can’t hit that thing from here.


Written By: Kim McMechan

It was that open window
And something aching in my head
Something ain’t right when you can’t get outta bed

It was that old, grey carpet
And the phone call at 2am
I can’t believe I fell for that again

Goodbye baby
It’s too soon for you to tell
But I’ve learned my lesson well
Wait and see
Next time you think of me
I’ll be half-way down the road to Calgary

It was the rain on the driveway
And you pulling out again
It was the smell that was left on your skin

It was the radio playing
A broken-hearted little tune
I packed my bags in the dreary afternoon

Goodbye baby…

And now I’m pulling onto the highway
And the trees are blurring by
And I hate to say it but there’s not one cloud left in the sky

Goodbye baby…

Kerry Anne

Written By: Smith and Strauss

They say time is a healer
Because seasons come and go
But now you’ve got nothing but time on your hands
Why do the nights go by so slow?

Every dream you’ve carried
Every race you’ve run
Is a whisper now, like a distant rumor
As your body slowly comes undone

Kerry Anne

These conversations are strange to me
Talking like you’re already gone
We’ve come to the end of visiting hour
And all I can do is sing this song

When you hear platitudes and courtesies
It’s our helplessness in disguise
We talk about the weather and shuffle our feet
No-one wants to say goodbye

Dust to Dust , all turns to rust
Kerry Anne
Come the time together we’ll drink that wine
Kerry Anne

Black and White

Written By: Smith and Strauss

Verse 1
Johnny Cash, was he a saint or a sinner
Oh yes, yes he was
Soldier Boy, is he a saviour or a killer
Oh yes, yes he is
Hey hey rich man, are you a taker or a giver
Oh yes, yes you are
Now now poor man, are you a loser or a winner
Oh yes, yes you are

Man in black, the man in white
Johnny Cash rolling through the night
Tempted by the devil with an angel at his side
Like the man in the mirror
dressed in black and white

Verse 2
In a ring of fire, is there blindness or clarity
Oh yes, yes there is
Did you walk the line between faith, hurt and charity
Oh yes, yes you did

You put that beast in its cage
You put that angel on the stage


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