Roadshow Inside Marilyn

Roadshow Inside Marilyn

 Milano, Lombardy, ITA

Powerful, Intense, Shocking and Emotively Violent Extreme Music. Simply we are gonna make you wide eyed, slack jawed, utterly awe-struck: 'Wow'. Roadshow Inside Marilyn have wow-factor coming out of their ears, effortlessly destroying venues across the World! RIM are The Next Breakout Stars of Metal


Born from the worst districts of Milan with a sole ambition between them: to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them. Roadshow Inside Marilyn are about evolution, growth and reaching new heights. Defiance, risk taking, and self-challenge are their hallmarks.
The idea becomes reality when Bryan Vee and Trick decided to record some old songs that was haunting their minds until that day. The sound was awesome, the harmony between them was even better… and the name of the band come out in a while. Notably this last one was choose to be perfect, unique, aggressive and surely a little introspective.
Evan was a good Bryan's old friend. As even Trick knows, Evan was byword of precision, power and certainty. Once listened the records, Evan was hot on the project and joins Roadshow Inside Marilyn. The same was about Marc Taisen, a perfect war machine drummer for RIM.
The band was complete. The sound and the show was great and RIM gained a lot of success on stage playing many times live in clubs and flies all over Italy, Switzerland, UK, France and Hungary.
To fill up a great setlist, the band generally played coversongs of Bullet For My Valentine, In Flames, As I Lay Dying and so on.
Just after the recording session of the first DEMO disc, Marc friendly decides to leave the band due to his job and RIM's intentions for the future.

Roadshow Inside Marilyn are actually looking for a new drummer and a label for produce their music. Powerful, Intense, Shocking, Psychotic and Emotively Violent Extreme Music.
RIM are attract by New Waves of Metal keeping the Old School respect roots.
The Muse (it's easy to understand) is Marilyn. Her tales, her emotions, her loves, her hates but everything observed from our different views. She's imaginary but damned real.

Tour?! It seems to be the story of all the bands. We're not one of a kind saying that we believe in Rock n' Roll and want to be Rockstars… but we'll never give up and just say "Why Not?". No one can bring our dreams down. So it's better for you to be a part of it 'coz there's no artists without fans and there won't be Roadshow Inside Marilyn without YOU!

"We're all about violence, emotions, right chords & rockstar style", says Bryan Vee. "We're the band that will make you scream our name before our concert".

"Many years are passed before to get the same emotional feelings playin' in a band... even if I played in a thousand bands before R:I:M." - Trick

"...The noize that keeps me up. The pure distorted sound that crushes your soul like a battering ram. Take a Roadshow Inside Marilyn you too… I bet you'll feel my words" - Evan

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2009 self producted DEMO
2010 Everwake EP