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Roadside Daisies @ The Larkspur Cafe Theatre

Larkspur, California, USA

Larkspur, California, USA

Roadside Daisies @ Analy High School

Sebastopol, California, USA

Sebastopol, California, USA

Roadside Daisies @ New College

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Santa Rosa, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Listening to the Roadside Daisies is like lemonade on a hot day, welcome and refreshing. Their precise vocal arrangements and harmonies, as well as excellent musicianship, blend together into their own organic style. Definitely worth checking out." Andre de Channes KRSH, Santa Rosa" - Andre de Channes

Thursday, the Roadside Diaies bring their blossoming act to Cafe Amsterdam. Since I last saw them, early this year at the 19 Broadway-based flood fund-raiser for Tom Finch, this five-piece band has really been making the rounds. I've been trying to make the rounds more myself, and I'm overdue at this venue. Cafe Amsterdam's a spot I enjoy for the oppertunity of being close to the performers, and I also appreciate that the decibel levels don't ascend into aural-assault territory. Sometimes it can be diffucult to grab a table if you're not planning to eat during your stay, but to me that's a fair trade-off for the lack of cover charge.
I was intrigued when I first learned that the Roadside Daisies contained two-thirds of the vocal trio Copper Wimmin (singer/songwriters Sophia Ferrera and Alyx Benham, who play guitar and piano, respectively, in this band). I wondered how their rich and intricate harmonies would fare when merged with musical instruments. The short set the Roadside Daisies performed at the benefit (the lengthy roser mandated that each act would have time for only a few songs) made me think a little bit of early R.E.M., but without the somber overtones. The band didn't have much in the way of a Web site back then, but now the Roadside Daisies have sprouted up on their own site and the almost ubiquitous MySpace. From there, I see that I'm not the only one drawing such comparisons. With samples on the former and a few full tracks on the latter, you can get a good taste of their pop-oriented tunes.
The piano is especially prominent in the song "Somehow," which I don't remember being the case when I first saw them, but it adds up to even more compelling tunes than I remember. And on this same track, the vocals approach Cranberries territory while wisely avoiding the sometimes saccharine tones that well-known band's music occasionally favors. I also like the way the song ends: Everything stops abruptly, except that one lingering piano stroke. It echoes the definite resolution in the lyrics, and spikes it with the uncertainty of that future titular "somehow."
With acoustic and electric guitars, and the snappy rhythm section of drummer Jack Spirit and John Paul McLean on Bass, the music solidly supports the vocals wherever they go. Guitarist Jason Ferrera provides harmony and takes the lead on songs such as "Anchors," on esque while praising the circumstances for picking to stick around a certain area (and person). It makes me think about all the reasons I happily call this region my home. I also enjoy the expressed gratitude of the song "I Love, " with its dual female lead vocals and the time changes that create a jazzy feel when Spirit kicks into a "Take Five"
-stye shuffle on the drums.
The Roadside Daisies seem to be consciously creating upbeat and uplifting melodies from themes such as determination and honesty without sounding preachy or sappy in the least. That this promising group came together in a somewhat unintentional manner and now seems to be thriving speaks of the happy accidents possible in the universe: whether it be discovering musical harmony from an unscheduled collaboration or seeing fields of delicate flowers thrive on the ofter-trashed land strips that border the roads we choose. - The Pacific Sun


The Roadside Daisies have performed live and/or have recieved airplay on:
KRSH 95.9 FM
KKUP 91.5 FM
KPIG 1510 AM
KALX 90.7 FM
And have performed a live Webcast at "Expression," College For Digital Arts.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Roadside Daisies are a Sonoma County/San Francisco, Bay Area quintet; featuring the skillfully crafted melodies of singer songwriters; Sophia Ferrera (vocals, guitar), Alyx Benham (vocals, piano), Jason Ferrera (vocals, guitar). The solid grooves are provided by Jack Spirit (drums) and John Paul McLean (bass). Together this intriguing ensemble creates a soundscape reminiscent of the rich harmonies of Zap Mama combined with the musical genius of REM.

With Sophia and Alyx, formerly of Copper Wimmin, it is no wonder that the Roadside Daisies sound never fails to captivate their listeners. As semi-finalists in the Lilith Fair competition, these women are not new to the music scene. Together they have already met success in the NORBAY's and in the San Francisco Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes, where they took home a silver metal. Most recently their work has earned them the prestigious 2006 Isadora Duncan Dance Award for best musical score, and has been featured on the showtime series The L Word. They have shared the stage with Jason Moraz, Indigo Girls, and Ani Difranco, and have trained under renowned vocal artists, Rhiannon and Linda Tillery.

If Sophia and Alyx are the heart of the Daisies, then Jason, John Paul, and Jack are definitely the soul. Jason refers to himself as the "closet case musician." Self-taught, he recalls playing guitar in his bedroom behind closed doors. "Music was my therapy," he remembers. Friends and family heard his amazing aptitude for composition, and encouraged him to perform. Influenced by Jefferson Airplane and Hendrix, Jason built upon this to create a versatile energetic sound which rapidly gained him respect in the local music scene.

Another well respected musician, Jack studied music with composer and percussionist George Mark at Sonoma State University. Fondly known as the "Tantric Tapper," Jack's creativity has been heard with local favorites; JoAnne Rand, and Pack Of Wolves. He thrives off of connecting with the audience, especially in live performances.

Bassist John Paul completes this talented group of musicians. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, John Paul creates profound grooves which continue to enthrall listeners. Influenced by such greats as Motown's James Jamerson and legendary Paul McCartney, John Paul's grooves and arrangements are simply captivating.

So, how did this path unfold? Jason and Sophia were scheduled to perform with another musician, when a minor disaster struck- the other musician fell ill at the last minute. Alyx jumped into action and joined the two. Together, the three friends put on an electrifying and completely spontaneous performance. They knew that they had discovered something unique and magical. Almost immediately, they began collaborating with Jack. Jack enthusiastically introduced bassist John Paul to the group, and the Roadside Daisies were born.

Roadside Daisies are persistent miracles of nature, which sprout their beauty in the most unlikely places. They represent hope and determination, as does this band. Their friendship is apparent in their performance. Together they intertwine their talents and fuse intricate melodies and trademark harmonies that have their listeners dancing one minute, and spellbound the next; a gift which should be shared with the world.