Roadside Manor

Roadside Manor


A Jamband feel with a strong rock influence that dabbles in blues, bluegrass, and reggae. Easy to dance to and a fun live show for all different ages to enjoy. f


Guitar player Peter Trabucchi and drummer Eric Cartier formed Roadside Manor in early 2007. In June of the same year, Roadside Manor invited member Henry Hotkowski III, playing banjo (electric and acoustic), acoustic guitar, harmonica, and lead vocals. Tom Warner on the bass joined in Feb. '08. Roadside Manor has played many venues including Headlining gigs at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT, Festivals and concerts in New England, and extensive bar/cafe appearances. Roadside Manor is a must-see live performance.


Gold and Glory

Written By: Roadside Manor

The time has come to tell my story
There's nothing left but gold and glory
It started off when I was five
She held my hand I came alive
A few years later when I was nine
I kissed this girl she was so fine
When recess came we ran about
When it was over I asked her out

In middle school I had some fun
I met these girls and came undone
Going out on a Saturday night
These little biddies were out of site
Well I went home to tell my Dad
He said, "Son, don't make them mad"
That advice went in one ear
And out the other with my first beer

The time has come to tell my story
There's nothing left but gold and glory
The women come the women go
And now it's time to go to the next show
The time has come to tell my story
There's nothing left but gold and glory
All my friends are at my side
Well it's been one hell of a ride

In high school I made the grade
a holding cell I did evade
Going out with the pastor's daughter
Out in the barn her daddy caught her
He said to me, stay out of the picture
The next day I met her sister
My buddies thought I was a champ
But then I found out she's just a tramp

A few month's later I got a letter
I was off to something better
Heading off to my college dorm
The girls there sure kept me warm
Never cold on a winter's night
And with that look she just might
The next morning she crawled out of bed
And tossed my t-shirt over her head


Birch Street Bellows

Written By: Eric Cartier

Jump out of bed put shoes on my feet
Got somewhere to go -got someone to meet yeah
Step outside in the hot summer sun
Gonna find me a girl gonna have me some fun
I go downtown and I run into Pete
I say, Hey man how about this heat
Pete And I were just sitting there
Well here comes Tom now without a care
Was just around three or four
When a man named Henry walked through that door
We turn our knobs and we play real loud
It's time to get rockin' and roll this crowd

Back to Living

Written By: Henry Hotkowski III

I used to have a girlfriend
We were on the go
The things she taught me
I'll never know
Soon did I realize I was having fun
I didn't notice she's a crazy one

Now I'm back to living and I'm really glad I'm here
If you don't believe me buddy then just open up your ear

When it finally happened I was unprepared
Like waking up in public
In your underwear
One thing's for certain
Now I better know
If a girl is crazy it might not show


Calls me on the telephone
Tells me to leave her alone
That's the thing I'd like the most
Lose the brake and try to coast
Somebody's watching me
In a place I'll never be
Find a place to get ahead
Most likely back in bed

Living life is easy
Living life is fine
Living life is better when your girl is kind
If you'd listen to me
And let me speak my mind
Find yourself a woman
Who loves you all the time



Back to Living: Album released June 2008 (independent studio)
Live radio show 3/09 released 4/09
Two song demo (New England Institute of Art student studio) released 12/09
Live Show Toads Place 12/11/10 released 3/10/11
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Radio play weekly on WECS 90.1 available streaming:

Set List

Back to Living, Push Down and Turn, Showdown, B-cific, Pastor's Daughter, Whiskey Jacket, Roadside Blues, Grace, Gold and Glory, Red River Tavern, Birch Street Bellows, Wandering Eye, Jack on the Back, Latin Jam, In the Sticks, The Hobo you Don't Know, Bound, Whiskey Train, Admiral Atlantis, Fancy Revolver, One of These days, Move away, Link across the Ocean, The German Song,

Set Length: 1/2 - 5 hours

Cover/Original ratio depends on show setting.
Some Covered bands Include:
Spin Doctors, Steve Miller Band, Tom Petty, Phish, Dispatch, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Crowes, The Grateful Dead, CCR, The Band, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Surfaris, String Cheese Incident, Traditional Bluegrass, Ben Harper, Dion, Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show, Barenaked Ladies, O.A.R., Semisonics, Tea Leaf Green, The Black Keys, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, The Felice Brothers, Etc.