It's hard to separate most bands these days. Love songs, and feather haired lead singers are all we've been left with. Impossible to imagine that out from under all the prefabricated layers of music, a new force could arise. ROADSTEAMER!!!! Not JUST A BAND..A BRAND...A WAY OF LIFE.

Born on the Northshore of Massachusetts Roadsteamer is a band full of dorks...dammit it's simple. Famous for their 8-bit Nintendo prowess as much as knowledge of Hot Pockets. The lead singer Robby is also known for his provocative lyrical storytelling, and his stage presence is incomparable! He's been a New England favorite at Infinity Broadcasting's WBCN, the #1 rock radio station in Boston. The public can't get enough of Robby every Wednesday and Friday night with Hardy.

Along with Nick Roadsteamer; keytarist extraordinaire, Pete Roadsteamer; guitar virtuoso, and rhythm section Jay Roadsteamer on Bass and Ray Roadsteamer on drums.
Roadsteamer’s music has amazingly catchy hooks and incredible solos as well as tongue and cheek lyrics that everyone can relate to.

The new Album “I’ll be at your Funeral” which came out in June, has been soaring up the charts all the way to No. 1 on Newbury Comics Best Seller List and is still standing strong as well as having strong airplay on Boston Rock Stations WBCN, WAAF, and WFNX. Through Internet videos and amazing live shows they have created a whole new entity of fan, the Street Steamer’s, which promote the band everywhere they can as well as enjoy Miniature golf and Ice Cream Socials with band at least once a month.

Visit MySpace for the mocumentary of the band's struggles in the Boston Music Scene.


2004 - Okay Computer
2004 - Kid Corsica Croons the Classics
2005 - Heart of a Rhino
2006 - Postcards from the Den of Failure
2007 - I'll Be at Your Funeral

Set List

Enough original music for an 1 hour show, as well as some covers done in Roadsteamer's signature style.