Roads to Rome

Roads to Rome


A true rock n' roll band with deep and explosive live performances that part the sea of conformity and capture hearts in raw passion.


Music's newest pop/rock group, Roads To Rome, is the flagship artist for the label, Union Street
Records. The band has begun carving a name for itself in the U.S. as well as abroad with its high-energy performances and commitment to excellence.

Roads to Rome is Mike Musick, lead vocal, Seth Marcum, bass, Adam Searan, guitar/vocal, Steve Ashley, guitar/vocal and drummer Ray Gonzalez.

Roads to Rome began garnering a strong following among the college crowd with the release of a five
song EP, “The First Five.” Released February 2004, the project’s lyrical depth and musical inventiveness
drew comparisons to Coldplay and U2. The EP landed at #1 in several markets. They shared valuable
chart position with such major acts as U2, Beck, Mars Volta, Kings of Leon, and Ben Folds.

Since the group’s inception, Roads To Rome has kept a heavy touring schedule in the United States and
parts of Europe, including extensive tours throughout Turkey and Ireland. Their touring experiences
demonstrated to the band the power their music had to impact lives. They entered the studio fired up
about crafting their debut CD.

The result is Love Rain Down, an impressive set of pop rock anthems powered by Musick’s passionate
voice and literate, thoughtful song writing. Musick isn’t afraid to challenge convention and urge others to
look at themselves and the world in a different way. The first single “Alive In Me” beautifully and powerfully
echoes the rich, emotional experiences of feeling the pain and power of love. “Love Rain Down” is
a stunning power ballad marked by Musick’s potent vocal performance. “Long Road to Memphis” is a
moving tribute to the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The newest edition to R2R's music is a three song EP produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Monroe Jones. Available initially only through this sonic bids EPK! Enjoy the new music and please consider Roads to Rome for your next event.


Shut In

Written By: Roads to Rome

Starin at the wall
Livin like a shut in
My world is eight feet tall
Livin like a shut in
I'm eatin all my food
Livin like a shut in
I love to watch the news
Livin like a shut in

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go now

Nursing my disease
My milk is cottage cheese
I never see my friends
Cause somethings wrong with them

I'm so happy here
In my little world

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go now

Lions at the door
How can I ignore
Face is turning pale
Feel like I'm in Jail

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
We gotta go now


New full length CD "Love Rain Down" out in stores now and available on I-tunes.

Christmas song "Mr Jones Christmas added to over 1000 stations across America and Canada.

The First Five -EP released to college radio Feb 8th 2005, garnered the band a strong chart position and awareness on colleges across America.

EP available for download at

Set List

Typical set lasts anywhere from 60-90 minutes.
Songs include:

Shut In
Love's Cry
Turn It All Around
Natalie Glow
Beauty Queen
We Gotta Go
Always You
Funk #5
Long Road to Memphis
Brother Sun
Love Rain Down
Alive in Me
Say Goodbye
Dying to Know You