Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere


Our goal as a band is to help and listen to people where ever and when ever the need. We want to bring people to faith through our music and hopefully inspire the next generation and show them that there is more out there than hate, but rather Faith, Hope, and Love.


Faith, Hope, and Love, the three essential things that everyone needs to survive. It’s a concept that is increasingly being left out from people’s every day lives, but needs to be rein-stilled. Zach Hartman, co creator of the band Road To Nowhere says “We are here as a band to inspire the next generation through our music, and to bring more people to Christ through faith, hope, and love.” They are driven each and everyday to make this possible so that one day every person on this earth will have Faith, will have Hope, and most of all have Love.

The band Road to Nowhere, an Alternative Christian Rock band, came together for the sole purpose of helping people, listening to others whom are in need, and caring for everyone who needs caring. They came up with the band name to make fans question what the title means, but when asked the meaning is obvious. “We believe that everyone starts off on the Road to Nowhere, lost at some point in their lives, in need of returning to the correct path. We believe that we can inspire and help people get from the Road to Nowhere, to the Road to Eternal Life.

The members from the band know what it’s like to work hard to get something in return. Coming from an unheard of town, the guys feel the best way to get across to their audience and make an impact is through Christ. Songs must be powerful, emotional, and dedicated towards to make a difference, and through their experiences of growing up and the spiritual beliefs these guys have, their music will hit the nation with a bang. The band has been doing some local charity work by playing shows for charity’s such as St. Jude’s Hospital, playing for the Orphanage in Reading, PA, and recently adopting a highway in their area named “The Road to Nowhere.” They have currently played with Superchick, Disciple, and Britt Nicole. They will soon be playing with "Eleventy Seven" and "The Switch." The band is set on helping people and hopefully through their music and a little help to get them known, they will be able to accomplish their goal.

Best friends, Dana, “guitarist and vocalist,” and Zach, “lead guitarist/vocalist,” met in 3rd grade and have always been interested in music. Although they grew up finding other hobbies, nothing could tear them away from what they loved. In 2007 Bobby, “the drummer/vocalist,” and Zach decided to start a band. Zach remembering how much Dana and him wanted the same thing, found each other again adding Kris, “the bassist/vocalist/Dana’s cousin” and decided to start what they now call Road to Nowhere. Three months after beginning they won their first battle of the bands, and from there on they have been playing shows ever since. In their first year they have played over fifty shows including three battle of the bands, one in Nashville, TN and recorded their first professional song in Ohio with Fidelity Entertainment.

Road to Nowhere is a band that is set on inspiring the next generation, with some help from you to produce our music and get on a label, and a lot of work on our part I believe that our goal will be accomplished and that someday we can send our message about Christ to thousands of people and make our world a better place!

Road To Nowhere
484-334-3198 Dana
610-401-1344 Zach
610-914-7702 Bobby
115 Greenawalt Rd. Lenhartsville, PA 19534


The Commander

Written By: Zach Hartman

Verse 1
I'm tired of feeling like i…never ever knew you
What should I be thinking …what should I do
I see the world around me and I feel left out
What is this about….tonight


Chorus A# C D
Your every…thing i….ever want or needed
I think I need you, I know they need u too
You fall down , you get down, but get back up again
Cuz we’re never gonna quit

Verse 2
What am I to do here, I sit here on the ground D A#
Everything around me just brings me down
And I am crying out to you
What should I do…tonight


Woah…woah…woah A# C D


I see you I feel you I want to believe u A# C
I cry out I scream out to hear you now
Forgive me, redeem me, so I can see
The love and the power of you

Of you ...Tonight

Woah…woah..woah x3

Chorus x2


We will be aired on 2 of new jersey's radio stations in the very near future as we are in the process of talking with them now. We have just recorded a professional single with Fidelity Entertainment in Ohio. We have many other songs but are not professionally recorded because we don't have much money in our band fund.

Set List

Road to Nowhere does all originals. They have a variety of songs from songs about faith, girls, everyday life, drama, and any other topics we come up with ;)

Our sets can be as long or as short as the promoter wants. We can play up to 3 hours of originals or we have shorter sets of 3 to 8 songs, it all depends what is needed.