Road Work

Road Work


Road Work was grounded in November 2000 in Czech Republic. They play rock based on acoustic guitar, drums and bass, with interesting violoncello and efect-lead guitar parts. All is covered by emotional vocals.


The band Road Work from Czech Republic tries to reach the level among different music influences of all characters with the basic sound of american rock. We are trying to connect rock with soul, samba, ungarian Cardas, irish dance, hip hop, funk, jazz, Balcan folclore and whatever else. The main condition of our composing is to stay a pop band, use alternative styles just to bring different colors to our music not to be an alternative band. English lyrics and basic pop rock verse/chorus/verse/chorus writing. We are very much oriented on live show sound and performance. The best value of our music for us is then, when everybody in the club forgets about drinks on the tables and moves around like in the good times of rock n' roll.


first demo CD - Road WORK , September 2002
Higher - radio single- May 2003
All tracks have streaming and radio airplay

Set List

Intro-differs each month, Still Breathing, Iron Butterfly Dance, Latitude, Elephany, Third Moon of Jupiter, Must Forget It, Me and My Brother, What "To Roll" Like Is, Unbeliveable, Ghost's shadow, Czhardhas, Andrea, Higher, Your Ways,
Show Me the Way to Go, Old friend Dave, Old Fashioned Girl, Father
Sometimes we do covers - Freak Power, Counting Crowes, U2, Pink Floyd, REM...

We play for two hours, typically, sometimes more