Ro.  and the Virtuous Villains

Ro. and the Virtuous Villains


Ro. the lead singer style mix rock techno electro stage show of dancers and fireflyers it can be up to 5 to 25 in the show depends the venue working with dj/producers and sings live from backtrack and sometimes a guitarist every show is diffrent and uniquebringing theaudiencethroughadreamastory.REAL


Ro. is the singer songwriter performance artist the Virtuous Villains are the collective dancers and fireflyers with elaborate costumes. The music is a mix of playful techno house rock and a touch of electro.We tell a story to the audience of love passion and inner peace with mystical elements. The show is growing up to 50 mins long. We sometimes implement a gutarist or percussions into the show. We have played in Holland the Caribbean, Ontario and Quebec in diffrent venues and festivals. The choregraphy of the show is well thought out and always changing depending the venue. And liscence for blowing fire.
I have been singing and creating since I was 5 years old I was born in Holland and never stopped being artistic with many ideas that I want to show the world to make things more colourful and dynamic my influences are many diffrent artists but I thrive on words when I write and Jim Morrison is that who inspires me most.


1 lp called RO.
CKUT Montreal
Check youtube: search- GIDY UP

So far just live performances

Set List

Glow 5:34
Virtuous Villains 4:29
Magic Man (Wandor Long) 5:35
Release Your Fantasy remix 5:46
Release Your Fantasy remix 4:29
Release Your Fantasy Original 5:20
Gidy Up 4:56
Do 5:05