Rob Viktum

Rob Viktum

 Dallas, Texas, USA
DJHip HopSoul

No Politics, No Bullshit, Just Good Music.


Rob Viktum, a product of his mother a pianist and his father a playwright, was born into a very creative household in West Texas. His father was passionate about music, playing the drums and guitar in his free time, but it was his mother who forced music on Rob at a young age. As as kid he was full of imagination and preferred Star Wars or Legos over piano lessons; it wasn’t until he was 11 that he realized music was his ultimate purpose.

During this time Rob accompanied his father on regular trips to New York City, the birthplace of hip hop. He was immediately consumed by the culture and with the help of his dad he acquired a 4 track recorder and a Casio sk1. He taught himself how to DJ and make beats. He discovered that he had an extraordinary ability to identify chord changes in samples and complex instrumentation. He skillfully began to bridge the gap between his pianist training and the artistic hip hop culture that he had fallen in love with back in NYC.

Rob later moved to Dallas getting quickly acquainted with their vibrant and growing hip hop scene. Upon arrival Rob started attending local shows and being active in the hip hop scene; making fast friends and handing out his beat CDs people started to consider him a great talent immediately. It was then he was asked to tour with Mes The Jive Turkey and Mr Dibbs. While on tour, Rob made a name for himself; fans and peers recognized his natural talent, impeccable sampling, and boom bap drums. Not limited to just hip hop Rob is also praised for the soulful, funky, and swingy grooves as displayed in projects like Mechanized Burden and Sex Sells.

After years of honing his craft as a DJ and a producer Rob received a lot of buzz not only locally but globally, Rob grabbed the attention of SlopFunkDust, a very distinguished producer based out of Phoenix, Arizona by the way of London. Slopfunkdust started a group along with Mr. Naso called Beat Fanatics. Slop describes Beat Fanatics as “A selection of elite producers part of a new movement, a family.” Members include Illmind, moO, Nicolay, DJ Cozmos, Dela, Nemo, 9th Wonder, Kay of The Foundation, Kev Brown, DJ Kay, DJ Roddy Rod, Supastition, , Rhettmatic, Akrobatik, among others. It was an honor for Rob to be included in this family and be able to call himself a Beat Fanatic.  As a well respected touring and resident DJ at several popular venues, Rob was also inducted in 9th Wonder’s prestigious DJ crew, True School. Rob continues to be passionate about the root of music and hip hop, and stays true to his motto “No Politics, No Bullshit, Just Good Music”