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"One of the Hottest mixtapes out in the streets"
- E Blast Network





No matter if it’s the hottest dance craze, newest fashion style or the next artist about to blow nationally, the most influential trends in the history of popular culture begin in the streets. And the latest musical movement to emerge from the grassroots of Cleveland, Ohio is a lyrical dynamo known simply as R.O.B

Earning fans one by one, he has been burning the streets of the Mid-West over the past few years with a slew of singles and mixtapes. Steadily gaining momentum from the North through the South with his seething leaked single “Watch Me Ride By,” R.O.B has recently released his latest mixtape, I Look Better In Person, Vol. 1.

“I got music that’ll make you want to laugh, make you want to get fly,” R.O.B explains. “It’ll make you want to make some money, make you want to take somebody’s girl. My music makes you feel good about yourself.”

Born and raised on the East Side of Cleveland, 24-year-old R.O.B learned how to do for self at an early age. His father was a restaurant owner and one of the first black men to own his own business on the east side of Cleveland. Naturally, pop passed his entrepreneurial spirit down to young Robert.

“My dad showed me how to get out and get your own and work for what you want,” R.O.B remembers. “Instead of buying me a bike, he bought me a lawn mower. I cut grass until I earned enough money to buy my own bike.

He continues, “He always had businesses. When we had family reunions, he’d get t-shirts and hats made up and we’d sell them. He always told me to own my own business and ‘j-o-b means just over broke.’”

R.O.B. didn’t start rapping until he first heard his older brother bumping Long Beach, Calif.-based rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg’s 1993 debut album Doggystyle. After admiring the way Snoop rode the beats with verbal fluidity, R.O.B. adapted his own style and started perfecting his rap skills.

Before long, his entire neighborhood was a fan of R.O.B’s freestyle abilities and demanded the he pursue a musical career instead of just a hobby.

“After so many people told me that they like my music,” he remembers, “I figured I may as well do this rap thing full time.”

So in 2005, R.O.B released his debut mixtape, Ride With Me, to the masses. Determined to get the music out to the public, he copied CDs one by one on his computer and wrote the title on each with a marker.

R.O.B earned regional respect from the mixtape as he held his own alongside a platinum artist on the CD’s runaway single “Certified Thugs” featuring Bone Thugz-N-Harmony front man Layzie Bone.

At the time, R.O.B.’s name was ringing in the city because he owned a clothing company called Trend Setters Custom Graphics and Apparel. He sold authentic, one-of-a-kind painted shirts and shoes and gave a copy of his mixtape to all of his customers.

He shook up the city once again after he founded his own independent record label, Certified Hustlas Entertainment, with his brother Digga. Together, they released R.O.B.’s second mixtape Certified Vol. 1 in 2007. Fueled by the lead single “ON SOME OTHA SH!T,” R.O.B. had the city in the palm of his hand.

Now riding off the success of single “Watch Me Ride BY,” R.O.B. is sure to win over new fans across the country with his newly released mixtape, I Look Better In Person.

“I done been consistent. I done went from writing on CDs with markers to opening shows for the best rappers in the business,” says R.O.B “I don’t emulate nobody’s style. I don’t try to be like no other rapper. I’m a modern day Too Short, Pimp C, Snoop. You ain’t gone hear me talking about blowing your brains out with 15 guns. This is feel good music.”