Zion, Illinois, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

RoB is a new artist that is ready to take the world by storm with his unique style, sound and his original music.


Born, Robert Williams, in Florence, AL, RoB has come full circle as an upcoming R&B artist. At the young age of 14 years old, RoB began to pursue his love and desire in music as an artist. His ultimate motivation for following this dream was to provide a better life for both, he and his mother.

RoB began recording and producing his own music from his house and with the attention he received, he was able to move into professional studios. Here he learned how to mix and master with ease. His musical influences are some of the greatest entertainers of all time such as: Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Jamie Foxx, Usher, Neyo, and many more. RoB was able to capture the essence of these performers and take his own career to the next level. He began to perform at different venues, parties, and opened up at concerts for artists such as, Huey (Pop Lock and Drop It), Mike Posner and others.


Dumb Bummy single (Dec 2009)
You Got Me Now single (Sep 2010)
Bedroom Banger single (Nov 2010)
Throw It Back single (Nov 2010)

Set List

2 wireless mics, 2 monitors, 2 mic stands, 1 electrical outlet