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Originally I had a top local mixer work on 'handshake', and we tracked drums at a pro studio with boutique analog gear. Then I realized I was going for this sound, this synth thing that's so in right now. After having spent all this money I went back into my home studio and produced the song by myself from scratch. People like this much slower version much better which makes me feel amazing. When we play live I play with an amazing drummer and sometimes an electric bass player. I started out as


The name RO is a reference to the original computer bad-mouthing name Robot Having an Orgasm. Our mission is to unplug America's youth one umbilical cord at a time. Some songs are political some personal, but all are original.


let's get fucked up

Written By: johnny roc

Many men stood up straight in this town,
time will take them down.
I've seen many girls,
walk the walk in this town,
time will take them all down.
And I will sing my song in this town,
and time will take me down.
So let's get fucked up
and let's dance around
Cause time will take us all down.


Written By: johnny roc

I only hate you
now n yesterday
until the next babe
spits on my heart again,
and i’ll bump into you
and then i’ll say
i missed you buddy,
and i will shake your hand,

and i’ll pretend, i don’t
understand why you
look at me with those
puppy eyes.

and we’ll be lovers in disguise.

and for a second it will seem my life is fine.
and for a moment i’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine.

and then you will say
nice bumping into you,
and then i will wave
like i don’t care about you,
and then i’ll go home,
and then i’ll feel
wish i was normal
just like the rest of them.

so i could tell you there and then

that you’re the most amazing babe i love so much.
that i would trade my soul for just another touch.

pretty babe.


"Handshake" - single.
Released on Sept 11, 2011 via SoundCloud.

Set List

let's get fucked up
umbilical cord