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Robbery Inc.

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative




"Fresh Catch Of The Day: Robbery Inc"

As heard with Riley and Dena on 979 CPRrocks:

Robbery Inc have revealed what they’ve been up to since the 2016 release of their Crave EP. The band plans to release “Honeybee” b/w “Skin” as a 7-inch on September 22. The vinyl is available for pre-order HERE. You can catch Robbery Inc on the road with confirmed dates HERE. - 97.9 CPRocks

"Robbery Inc., The TVD First Date"

“My first memories of vinyl were when I was a kid living in Oahu, HI, and my older cousin busted out an AC/DC Back In Black record. He would drop the needle at random spots and I’d guess which song was playing off the album. We’d also have air guitar contests and I’d always win; this was a good 8 years before I started actually playing guitar so I guess it was in my blood!”

“From there it was Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Captain Fantastic, Kiss’ Destroyer and Alive!, Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell and Paranoid. I loved the artwork on these albums, and would stare at it while playing the records. There were a slew of 45s I wore out: The Village People’s “YMCA,” Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration,” Kiss’ “I was Made For Loving You,” and then there was my grandfather’s amazing collection of Cuban music that I loved. Even now, whenever I hear traditional Cuban music, I’m transported back in time to when we’d build puzzles and listen to his records.

The thing I love most about vinyl is the packaging and the artwork. It helps convey the tone and feel of what the artist is going for musically, or it can be a visual experience of what an album is about. Its part of a band’s branding. When I first bought an album I would read the lyrics off the liner notes while singing along to the music, and there were also credits (remember those?) so I’d know exactly who played on the records and who mixed and produced the tracks.

The old jazz albums would have forwards on them, like a book, providing great context for the listener. I think that credits are the most important thing missing from today’s digital downloads and streams. I’m a musician, but I’m also a producer, and the lack of focus on these details on iTunes, Spotify, and other DSPs is disappointing. With vinyl’s resurgence, artists can now include the credits, backstories, and lyrics once again. This is great!

When we released our current single, “Honeybee,” we knew it deserved to be on vinyl. Not only did this bring back lots of memories of playing 45s as a kid, but it also forced us to really think about the artwork and presentation of the piece. We put a lot of thought into the artwork, and there are multiple layers of significance to each of the illustrations. Both sides of the jacket have their own art piece that represents what the song is about, and of course we made sure to include some credits on the small label on the vinyl itself.

While it takes longer to manufacture, I think vinyl is the best way to release physical copies of music today. We’ve sold copies of our single to fans that don’t even have a record player yet just because they like the artwork and the feel of the medium itself—it would be an honor for our record to be someone’s first vinyl experience.” - The Vinyl District

"Former TRAPT Guitarist Releasing 7-inch as Robbery Inc."

Robb Torres, front-man of Robbery Inc, has always been about testing his diverse limits. The accomplished guitarist, and former member of the alt-rock band TRAPT, draws from his varied sonic roots while continually evolving as he moves to the front of the stage. Robbery Inc. will release "Honeybee" b/w "Skin" as a 7-inch on September 22. The vinyl is available for pre-order and the A-Side is out out.

"Honeybee" @ Soundcloud | YouTube | Apple Music | Amazon | Google Play | Tidal

Robbery Inc. have a short run of shows in the northeast starting this Sunday at the 2nd Street Festival, hitting DC9 onAugust 8th and The Bowery Electric on August 9th. The LA trio return to the west coast for a show at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on August 24th.

With Robbery Inc., Torres shows his prowess by blending his raw vocals and poignant lyrics with his massive rock guitar sound and masterful solos. Jonah Wei-Haas expands the sound playing both bass and keys, moving in and out of the foreground masterfully, while Matt Camgros lays down a relentless rock groove on the drums with polished fills and solos. Together, the trio delivers a certain layered, head-nodding flavor of blues-infused rock that sticks in the listener's head well after the song has ended, satisfying rock fans of all sub-genres. - Broadway World


Robbery Inc. is a trio composed of Robb Torres, former guitarist of TRAPT, as well as bassist and keyboardist Johan Wei-Haas and drummer Matt Cambros. Their sound is alternative rock, with a healthy dose of great keyboards and guitar, as well as finely crafted lyrical content to create music that is memorable and radio friendly. This two-song 7″ vinyl is jam packed with incredibleness. “Honeybee” is a formidable tune that could easily see placement in television and film, and should be on radio stations worldwide. “Skin” has a sound reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Led Zeppelin, and is surely an instant classic. We only wish there were more than two songs here, but it has definitely piqued our interest for whatever comes next.

Recommendation: This one is a definite instant classic. Get it now. - Indie Voice

"YouTube: Live at Echo Studios" - Echo Studios

"News: World Premier of Robbery Inc. Video "Crave (Let Me Pray)""

We promised it to you and here it is! Rock Revolt Magazine is proud to premiere the debut video from Robbery Inc. for their song “Crave (Let Me Pray).” Robbery Inc. is a new band featuring former Trapt guitarist Robb Torres on guitar and vocals, Robert Platz on drums and Paul Fenix on bass. Richard Bradley is on drums in the video. You may remember our interview with Robb that we did about a year ago. Robbery Inc.’s upcoming EP is a re-release of Robb’s Something About You Ain’t Right release with some of those songs remixed and the inclusion of two new songs. Fans can visit the band’s website for a free download of the song “Something About You Ain’t Right.”

The video was compiled from raw footage shot on cell phones by fans and sent to Robb and then edited by Robb and Chris Palladino, whose production credits include Rage Against the Machine, Eminem and Cypress Hill. Rock Revolt is honored to be bringing you the premiere of this video from Robbery Inc. We encourage you to watch it and share it with your fellow music lovers. - Rock Revolt

"Album Review: Robb Torres - Something About You Ain't Right"

If you are a fan of the band Trapt, then you are probably already familiar with Robb Torres. You see, he was the lead guitarist for the band from 2008-2013 and appeared on their albums No Apologies and Reborn. He may also look familiar to fans of Redlight King as he is currently playing bass in the band. Well, Robb’s adding the title of solo artist to his impressive resume with the release of his debut solo EP entitled Something About You Ain’t Right.

Robb wears several hats on this EP. He produced the album and plays lead guitar as well as taking center stage and handling lead vocal duties. He gathered up some of the best session players that he could get his hands on to help record the album, including Luke Adams, Jonathan Flaugher, Fernando Sanchez and Jay Skowronek. If you’re expecting this album to sound exactly like Trapt, then I think you’re going to be surprised. Robb’s background in blues and jazz really shine through on this EP.

The EP opens with the title track, which not only makes English teachers cringe, but it features some great guitar work and for some reason I sense traces of a White Stripes sound in parts. “Out Here” may be my favorite track on the EP. It has a hot groove that snakes it way throughout the song and is very infectious; the chorus is also pretty damn catchy. I even found myself singing along by the second chorus. The closing track, “Little Too Late,” sees Robb slow the pass down a bit with a blues/rock flavored number. I love the tone of the guitar on this track. I’m not a guitar expert, so forgive me if there’s a technical word for it that I am omitting; I just think it sounds pretty damn cool.

So, is Robb’s solo EP a glimpse into the future? I didn’t have any preconceived notions going into my first listen as to what I might hear, other than some pretty tasty guitar licks coming from Robb. I was pleasantly surprised by the EP and how it combines so many different elements into those five songs. I think people expecting Trapt junior may be a little disappointed, but Robb truly spreads his musical wings on this release and he soars. I think it clocks in at just under 20 minutes, so I am sure there will be quite a few other people reaching for the repeat button after their first listen. - Rock Revolt


Material: For five years up to 2013, Robb Torres played lead guitar for still-active nu-metal band Trapt, the group best known for the 2002 single “Headstrong.” It’s a blessing that Robbery, Inc., Torres’ current project, sounds nothing like Trapt. Rather, what we have here is an alternative rock band that is far closer to the snotty, bar-room punk vibe of the Boomtown Rats blended with a dash of the Faces, than the post-grunge/nu-metal blend of his old band. Torres and his band mates are stretching their musical legs here, and the results make for a fascinating live show.

Musicianship: This is a band composed of three excellent musicians and, more importantly, the trio has obvious chemistry. Tight as hell, the musicianship is immaculate throughout. When offered the opportunity to serve up a few frills, Torres and Wei-Haas oblige expertly. Torres’ voice is an acquired taste, more punky ‘tude than power. Wei-Haas, meanwhile, does a fantastic job of filling the hole left by the lack of a bass guitarist while simultaneously providing more traditional, rhythmic keyboardist fare.

Performance: There’s honestly not a lot to look at. The three men take their respective positions at the start of the set and don’t leave them. There’s little in the way of chatter between the songs, besides a muted “thank you,” and there’s certainly no rock-star posturing––nothing that Torres might have picked during the stint with his former band. The joy is in watching them play passionately. Seeing the singer lean forward to his mic and straining his neck muscles for all they’re worth makes for compelling viewing, mind you.

Summary: Robbery, Inc. has all the ingredients to be a cult favorite. As things stand, however, any sort of commercial success is likely to be elusive. The songs are fun live but, the next morning, none of them were sticking around in the memory banks. But one gets the impression the band isn’t looking to smash the charts at present. Rather, this seems to be about making music that they can be proud of, doing things their own way, and seeing where it takes them organically.

The Players: Robb Torres, vocals, guitar; Jonah Wei-Haas, keyboards; Matt Camgros, drums.

Photo by Brett Callwood.

Venue: The Hotel Café
City: Hollywood, CA

Robbery, Inc. - "Crave" - Music Connection


2018 - The Covers
2017 - Honeybee Vinyl (ft. Skin)
2016 - Crave EP

2018 - Paid Off
2018 - Highest Bidder
2018 - Rebel Man
2016 - Crave
2014 - Something About You Aint Right



Robb Torres, front-man of Robbery Inc, has always been about testing his diverse limits.  The accomplished guitarist, and former member of the alt-rock band Trapt, draws from his varied sonic roots while continually evolving as he moves to the front of the stage.  Torres was ready for something that would test his limits not only as a
songwriter and guitarist, but also a lyricist and singer.  Enter:
Robbery Inc.

Lending lead guitar and vocals for the first time in his new project, Robbery, Inc., Torres is excited to let his brand of blues infused rock speak for itself on the group's debut EP "Something About You Just Ain't Right."  Torres, along with Jonah Wei-Haas on keys and Matt Camgros on drums, deliver a straightforward rock punch that brings out a certain head-nodding, air-guitaring response elicited by only the best in music that connects to the listener.

Rock is alive and well, and Robbery Inc is solid proof.

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