Robbie and the Spanish Harlem incedent

Robbie and the Spanish Harlem incedent

 Brighton, England, GBR

Combining the skills and dedication of experienced young musicians from around the world, including Columbia, Canada and the USA. This Band has formed in the heart of Brighton performing country/indie rock with a great vibe.


Robbie Skitmore begins his early music career in Ottawa, Canada, where he co-writes and performs with some of the hottest bands in Ottawa's music scene, including The Department of Foreign Affairs and The Pop Shove Its. Contributing to the vast indie rock scene in the early 2000s that emerged within Canada, Skitmore's band would perform and contribute to this breeding ground for indie rock among other Canadian acts such as The Acorn, Hilotrons and Andrew Vincent. In 2007, Robbie Skitmore decides to continue his musical journey in the UK, settling in Brighton where he meets Colombian drummer & percussionist Sebastian Laverde, singer/songwriter & pianist Nick Askew, guitarist Billy Law, and bass player Laurie Olphin. Combining all of his folk, jazz and rock & roll songwriting influences, the act has now grown into a full band, and since 2010, Robbie Skitmore and the Spanish Harlem Incident has formed.

Robbie Skitmore and the Spanish Harlem Incident and currently working on recording an EP and also in the process of booking shows.


2011 - Brighton Electric Sessions

Set List

Not wanted on the voyage
Lift my arm
Empire memories
To ride of into the sun
Libby Prison
Second hand memories
Better off without a wife