Robbie Ducey Band

Robbie Ducey Band


An eclectic mix of rock,blues,funk,and foot tapin' boogie music. Well written songs,excellent vocals,power Blues-Rock smokin' guitar work, all driven by a relentless rhythm section. Kind of Stevie Ray Vaughn mixed with Z.Z. Top-Los Lonely Boys. Excellent 'live' band, lot of energy on stage.


Growing up in the same hometown as the 'Godfather of Soul'(James Brown), it was only natural that Ducey was exposed to some of the heavyweights of the rhythm and blues seen of the late 60's. The British invasion of the early 70's brought more influences such as Jimi Hendrix,Robin Trower,and Cream to name a few, all of wich can be heard in Robbie's playing and writing style.It is rare when an artist can infuse the elements of Rock,Blues,Funk,and Boogie and truely create a unique sound of their own that grabs audiences of all tastes and ages. Be it a large outdoor venue or a small intimate club setting, this band lives to play music ,and comes at you with one infectious groove after another.


1997--"Edge of Reality" C.D.
2002--"Downright Dirty Shame" C.D.
2005--"Robbie Ducey Band-Live" C.D.
2006--"Acey Ducey" C.D.

Set List

The band typically performs two ninety(90) minute shows. Typical set list is made up of 90% original music and a few covers to pay homage to such greats as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn.