Robbie Fithon

Robbie Fithon


Futuristic, funky, hi-tech House music from Manchester.


Influences; New Order, Juan Atkins, Kraftwerk, Ian Brown.
Robbie Fithon's music is a futuristic sounding blend of numerous styles of House and Techno. Incorporating elements of Trance, Progressive and Indie music to create a unique sound which ranges from powerful, hi-tech dance music to catchy Electronic Pop, all with Robbie Fithon's trademark intricate production.


Tracks include; Everything Changes, Unreal, Macadamia, Sentient, Tracer, and the influental Minimus EP, among others.
Check out Jango, Last FM, MySpaceMusic or any online dance music retailer to hear Robbie Fithon's tracks.

Set List

Live Performance: Tracks include Unreal, Beautiful Day, No Turning Back, Yours To Take, This Feeling, The Passion of The Universe, among others.

DJ Sets: Much of Robbie Fithon's instrumental House tracks, along with the latest cuts from similar producers. Robbie Fithon now performs digitally, re-editing and remixing tracks as part of his set.

As Robbie Fithon uses digital production in his live sets, he is able to put together a set with a duration to suit the event. Anything from a couple of tracks to an entire night!