Robbie Gil

Robbie Gil


Great Singing, Great Writing, Huge Stage Presence, Joe Cocker meets Cat Stevens meets Tom Waits meets The Band meets Roger Daltry. Scorching Solos, Beautiful Songs, Good Times. Charming and Intimate yet Soulful and Rocking. Also just received honor from Nat'l Songwriter Hall of Fame.


We are a New York based band with high energy and a great live show. We combine great songwriting with exceptional vocals and a kick-ass live jam band. The result is an extremely powerful show for any audience. I (Robbie) write about the struggles of finding one's self and one's way through all of life's obstacles. The Band is in my opinion is one of the best bands in New York City, delivering amazing clarity to my message of hope and redemption, humor and identification. The entire band is comprised of musician's musicians. The solos are amazing and the band is scorching. What sets us apart is our ability to turn people on to our music very quickly live and keep them turned on. Many nights we have seen a restless and bored crowd bend an ear to get with us. We're really fun and easy on the eyes.


Save Yourself- Full Length Album-Itunes-2010
Lightning in a Bottle- E.P- Itunes-2009
Save Yourself Demos- www.Beta 2009
Stumble Inn- Full Length Album- Itunes-2007
Live From the Living Room- Full Length Live CD-2007
XM Radio- The Loft Channel- From the Living Room to the Loft -2008
T.V.-Destination Wild on Fox (Saving Ophelia)-2008
Film- song placement for "I'm Not Even Here" by Robbie Gil in "Happy New Year" - 2010
Best Emerging Artists of 2009 Compilation CD for The National Hall of Fame, song, "Saving Ophelia" 2010

Set List

Typically our sets run about 90 minutes, though we can play for 2 sets of 90 minutes if need be. Generally the sets about 12 songs. We play some obscure covers sometimes, but can learn just about anything if the need arises