Robbie J Waters

Robbie J Waters


A travelogue set to acoustic roots music. I absolutely love writing and performing acoustic music. And it's so cool that I can share some of that fun and passion with audiences on the radio, TV, or better yet... live!


For fans of Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovet, or Peter Case, the thoughtfully crafted songs of Robbie J Waters will make you fell right at home. Think of a metaphysical travelogue set to acoustic roots music.
Robbie J Waters’ remarkable musical expedition began in Nelson BC. Nelson is a small but significant cultural and intellectual center, teaming with live classical and folk music, painters, writers, photographers and poets. As a teenager Robbie spent his evenings in coffeehouses and meeting places like ‘The Jam Factory’, ‘The Vallican Hole’, and ‘The Preservation House’ listening Bruce Cockburn, Valdy, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, or some other unknown artist work their magic with guitars, fiddles, and unpolished voices. Before long he had a guitar of his own and was putting his own songs together.
While in Nelson, Robbie came under the musical mentorship of British recording pioneer and Hawkwind keyboardist Del Detmar, and in Del’s studio he made his first multitrack recordings.
Recording under the name James Burchart, he made his first album Songs for the Common Man at Victoria’s indie/punk Mecca Down Town Sound. Songs for the Common Man received Much-Music and alternative radio rotation, and the single Boyle Street was recently selected for the book/CD All That You Can Hear documenting the Indie music scene in Victoria.
Over the years the albums Lost Within the Flame, and The Backroads followed, and He is currently working on his most ambitious CD to date From Here to Nowhere.


River Road

Written By: James Burchart

The winds of October came nipping at his heels
He loved the smell of autumn and I know just how that feels
The fallen leaves were dancing
their reel beside the road
And deep into the distance, the restless river flowed
It's a long long way from Brooklynn
too these mountains and this sky
I't a life time filled with promises
and dreams that did not die
It's a million miles of back roads
to Paris boulivardes
His eyes have grown so weary
they cannot see the stars
He tought the sons of miners
and the workers in the mills
Of life beyond the mountains and the beauty of these hills We never thought to thank him
And I guess we never will
He's growing old but he walks that river still

With the passion of a soldier
speaking of the past
He handed us the storys
of the things that did not last
His hand was to the tiller
His gaze was to the West
and he always kept his rosery
in the pocket of his vest
He tought the sons of miners words of Shakespeare and Rimbaube
of life beyond the river and these mountains and this snow
We never thought to thank him, but I'm sure that he must know
He still walks thoses trails to watch that river flow

The saw beyond the ppages of the things we did not know
He saw beyond the smoke stacks by the water down below
He saw beyond the tired eye and found the fire there
We believed him when he told us
we could go anywhere
Chorus x 2


Songs For The Common Man (as James Burchart)
Single - Boyle St
Much Video:
Boyle St
Greyhound Summer
Lost Within the Flame (as James Burchart)
The Backroads (as James Burchart)

Set List

Mostly originals
Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina
Jackson Browne - Song For Adam and more
Bob Dylan - Very cool arrangement of Knockin' on Heavens Door
Bruce Cockburn - Wondering Where The Lions Are and No Footprints
Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing
Other such rootsy stuff depending on the energy.