Robbie McDougall

Robbie McDougall

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Robbie is a Concert Pianist with a unique style He has worked with the likes of Sonny and Cher, Dionne Warwick, Henri Mancini, Jose Feliciano, Three Dog Night, and Lighthouse, to name a few. He has also performed for The Queen, and was the music director for Mother Teresa's visit to Winnipeg.


I am a bilingual (English/French) artist, concert pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer. I am available for bookings: concerts, workshops (variety), studio work (piano/vocals), jingles, and music for films.

In 1972 I was signed to a recording contract with RCA, in which one of the Hit Tunes, The Theme, became the # 1 record in Canada. This won for me a BMI Award, and a Yamaha Music Award

I have performed in concert halls, Pop festivals, on Television, Radio, at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches, and a variety of places as a solo artist; with such notables as: Jose Feliciano, Sony and Cher, Dionne Warwick, Lighthouse, Ocean, Lorne Green, and others.

I have performed for Mother Teresa, The Royal Family, Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau, and more.

As well, I compose music, much of which could be used for Theater and Film.

I come from a musical family and began studies in music at age six. During my early years I sang and played on the stage at school and in a band with my Dad. At 14 I joined a rock band with my brother Donnie who later played as a band member with The Guess Who. By the time I was 17 I was playing as a solo artist and have done so ever since.

Whether at a school playing and singing for youth, or at a concert in Toronto with 60,000 people in attendance, each performance has been meaningful to me, each one giving a wealth of learning. I hope that I have touched others with my music.

After the sucess of a career in performing and recording for RCA, television, radio, and concert halls, I stepped back to pursue other intersts.

Throughout the 80's, 90's, and up until now, 2010, I have been busy teaching, studying, and graduating, earning several diplomas from various schools, such as: the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from the Universtity of Laval, a Certificate in Liturgy and Sacred Music from St. Joseph's College in Rensalaer Indiana, a Certificate in Management by Responsibility as well as a Certificate in Facilitation from Marge Denis Ph.D and Associates.

I founded a music and publishing company, Adoramus Ministries, in 1975 and continue to work and operate this company today.

My main focus is sharing my sound with people, through voice and piano, to bring them good energy, joy, hope, and relaxation. I beleive that much of my music is composed for film, as themes to movies, and in these years, I want to continue to share my music with and for people.

Facilitating workshops, teaching, reflection, and retreat days, concerts, and performances are my passion. I hope to continue this work for a long time to come. I beleive that we are all gifted and called to share our gifts with others in constructing a better and more harmonious world.



Robbie McDougall
01. The Theme
02. An Open Door
03. The Theme from "The Rowdyman" | (IMDB)
04. The Theme for a Friend
05. San Andreas
06. Hope & Reunion
07. Why I'm Sad
08. Nazareth
09. Four Seasons
10. Importance

Beautiful & Precious
01. Beautiful (Vocal)
02. Marie
03. Thoughts on Continuing
04. Mother
05. Colin's Two Step
06. Precious To My Heart
07. Ave Maria
08. It's a Joy
09. May He Strengthen You
10. Alleluia II
11. Beautiful

Piano Compositions
01. Morning
02. Precious
03. Strength Within You
04. Healing
05. Opening
06. Mary
07. Why I Am
08. Creator
09. Mercy
10. A Friend
11. A Dream
12. Gentle Woman
13. Beauty

Tu As Du Prix A Mes Yeux Et Je T'aime
01. O Jesus, Vivant En Marie
02. Marie (Instrumental)
03. Je Vous Salue Marie
04. C'est Une Joie
05. Il M'a Mis Au Large - 2 Samuel 22:20
06. Tu As Du Prix A Mes Yeux Et Je T'aime - Isae 43
07. Beautiful (instrumental)
08. Seigneur, Je Ne Suis Pas Engne
09. Beautiful
10. Mon Ame Exalte Le Seigneur - Magnificat
11. Tu As Du Prix A Mes Yeux Et Je T'aime - Isae 43 (Instrumental)
12. Marie Mere De L'Eglise
13. Oui Seigneur